Pretty Small Shoes for Petite Feet


Pretty Small Shoes

When you are petite, not only do you have a hard time finding clothing, but shoes as well if your feet are smaller than the average woman. Many times you have to resort to the “big kids” shoe department, which doesn’t exactly carry the styles women with small feet are looking for. This is where Petite Small Shoes comes in and alleviates all of your shoe frustrations.

Petite Small Shoes, based out of London, caters to women with petite feet–which is a UK shoe size 13-3, Euro size 32-35, and US shoe size 2-5. They are the specialist in shoes for women with small feet. They even offer you the opportunity to customize your shoes so that they will feet you perfectly!

Recently, Petite Small Shoes, gave me the opportunity to review a pair of my choice . Now, I don’t exactly have small feet but I do know quality when I see it. The hardest part was the choosing, as they have many small shoes to choose from! I knew I wanted to review high heels, as I am sure the “big kids” department lacks in stylish heels for adult women. Petite Small Shoes carries many different styles of high heels, from the office–to special occasion–to a night out in the town . I finally settled on these beautiful bronze shimmer heels.

I was speechless when I first opened my package from Petite Small Shoes. You could just see the impeccable quality and the color was gorgeous. They are pretty comfy as well. I can see myself wearing these bronze heels casually with jeans to give a more dressy look. I also have a nude-colored formal dress that these shoes would compliment.

I wanted to go ahead and share these Pretty Small Shoes with you as they are currently offering Free Shipping until Monday. They deliver worldwide! So women with small feet, stock up now so you don’t find yourself frustrated later on because you can’t find any shoes for your style.






Grey Denim for Petites

Grey Denim for Petites

Bonjour! It’s been such a crazy week! Ice Ice and now snow!  I finally have some time to share some of my latest favorite finds.

I had been on the lookout for a great pair of petite-friendly grey jeans for awhile now. I finally bought two pairs recently–one from Banana Republic and the other from Forever 21.

I bought the grey  skinny jeans from Forever 21 because they were only $8. So why not! They are not petite-sized, however they are not super long either. The jeans were just a little long, but I can tuck them in slightly without it being noticeable. I am 4’11 and the amount I had to tuck in wasn’t much but they certainly didn’t look like the model in the photo above without tucking in. However, if you are taller than I, then they might be a better fit for you as far as length goes.

I can’t seem to stop wearing my gray skinny jeans in premium denim from Banana Republic. They look much nicer than the Forever 21 ones and are super comfy. Depending on how petite you are, the petite-sized BR gray jeans might bunch a bit as seen on the model in the photo above. Of course it depends on how you like to wear them or with what shoes you wear them with. I am 4’11, so mine bunched up just a teensy bit. I just tucked them in and they looked perfect. I have been wearing mine more casual with flats.

Grey skinny jeans are currently my go-to jeans since they go great with everything! I can dress them up with black heels or wear them casual with any color top & flats, or with sneakers.

Stay safe & warm out there!



Petite-friendly Jeans

Petite jeans

Petites, it looks like more and more retailers are starting to carry petite-friendly jeans in-store. This week, I have been on the search for jeans to update my wardrobe….and what do you know I found some at stores that I hadn’t tried before.

I knew Target & Gap both had petite-friendly clothing on-line, but I hadn’t seen or tried their “short” sizes at their stores. I stopped by Gap earlier this week since they were having their up to 75% off sale. I didn’t find anything on sale, but I thought I would check out their jeans. Last time I had been inside a Gap, must have been several months back and I didn’t see any petite-friendly jeans that time. However, this time, I noticed they had “short” sizes. So I grabbed a pair and tried them on…and they actually fit pretty nicely. They weren’t on sale, but since it’s so hard to find jeans that fit, I went ahead and bought a pair ($70).

Then just today, as I was at Target getting some stuff I needed….you know I had to check out their clothes. I noticed their sales signs, Buy 1 Get One 1/2 OFF Women’s Jeans. And again, I was pleasantly surprised that they carry “short” sizes in the Mossimo & Denizen jean brands. I grabbed a few styles and tried them on. I am not a big fan of bootcut jeans since even at a “short” size they tend to be a bit longer than I want them. I did find a pair of Denizen modern bootcut jeans that weren’t too long, but I would definitively have to wear heels with them. I ended up buying two pairs of Mossimo straight-leg jeans (modern fit). I paid around $45 for both pairs. The Buy 1 Get One 1/2 Off Women’s Jeans sale is going on now until 10/25. You can also buy them online, as right now they are offering free shipping on all items.

I am just glad to know that from now on, when shopping for jeans, I have more options than just Loft– which had been the only place that I could buy petite jeans from in-store. Now, if only Target & Gap (as well as other retailers) would start carrying other petite-friendly clothes (like trouser pants, dresses, sweaters, etc) in-store as well…..

Clothes Customized for You {eShakti}


If you are like most women, shopping for clothes can be frustrating at times. And when you do find something you like– it often is either too long, too short, too wide, or worst yet that fab piece you come across doesn’t even come in your size at all. How does shopping for clothes with the freedom to customize it to create the perfect fit for YOU sound? Well, I recently found out this is possible thanks to eShakti whose motto is, “We design. You customize.”

I recently had the opportunity to work with eShakti to see what this whole customization to your fit thing works. I was given complete freedom in choosing one free piece from their collection to see for myself how it all works. The hardest thing for me was choosing a piece, as they have many amazing clothes. I finally chose this short black trench coat because this is a classic piece everyone needs in their closet. As a petite, I am pretty limited in the places that carry jackets in petite sizes. And usually they only carry the long trench coats anyways. This eShakti black trench coat came out perfectly, it fits me just right. Something that bothers me, even about “petite” trench coats it that the belt always seems too long. With the eShakti trench coat, I didn’t have this problem…the belt was the right size for me.

When customizing a piece, you are given the option on choosing a standard size or custom size. Within the custom size option, you then specify your measurements (shoulder, waist, hip, upper arm, etc.). With both standard size & custom size, you provide your height and are given a custom styling option (optional). Custom styling option for the trench coat was if I wanted it to be hip length or as shown in the photo. For other pieces it could be things like, what length do you want the dress to be for example–you like the design but you see yourself wearing it as a mini or mid-calf length, that kind of thing. So not only are you customizing it by your measurements but also by style. I thought this was a great option because there are times I see clothes I like but think, “oh, this would like great if only it was quarter-sleeves, or if it had pockets here.” And what is even better is that the customization is only $7.50 vs. what it would cost to take it to a tailor.

If you have problems when it comes to shopping for clothes, you really have to check out eShakti. They have many different styles to choose from—retro, contemporary, special occasion, boho chic, and all styles are available in sizes 0-36W!! If you shop eShakti, you can get 10% off with promo code “bonjourchica” from now until 11/09/2014. Just make sure you enter it in the promotional code box, it’s not case-sensitive, you can use as many times as you want during this time, and you can use with other promotional offers, but not on sale/clearance or overstock categories. I for one, have my eye on several of their dresses

Wishing you all an awesome week!!


Shop for a Cause: Think Pink

Shop for Cause

I am so excited to tell you that this month, Mavatar will donating ALL the sales proceeds from ALL Breast Cancer Awareness shopping carts to the American Cancer Society. That means when you Shop Pink you will be giving back and supporting an organization that gives so much to those fighting breast cancer.

For several years, I worked with a local Women’s Health program in which women without the resources obtained free mammograms, follow-up exams–diagnostic studies, biopsies, and surgeries, as well as financial and ancillary support. I remember how scary the whole process was for the women I worked with. Their first thought of course was…how am I going to pay for all of this? And it meant a lot to them to know there were organizations in the community who could offer them this kind of help & support, so that they could focus on fighting the fight.

I have created a Breast Cancer Awareness cart, where I have chosen several pink items to helped you get started on your shopping for a cause this month! Also, remember to use the #shopforcause this month as you post your best pink selfies on social media.

shop my Think Pink cart

Shop My Mavatar Cart
*This post contains affiliate links. All opinions expressed in this post are my own.

Bobbi Brown: Foundation Stick Review

Bobbi Brown Make-Up

I follow Bobbi Brown on twitter, so lately I had been noticing their tweets on the foundation stick. I’ve tried foundation sticks in the past (years and years ago) but not the Bobbi Brown one. I read some reviews and as usual mostly positive but some negatives. Some of the negatives were that it was too heavy. This kind of made me wary about this product, as I don’t like the heavy-too-much makeup look. However, I was out of my tinted moisturizer and thought I would give this foundation stick a try. And that’s how I ended up at Neiman Marcus.

The lady at the Bobbi Brown counter helped me with choosing a color. We tried 3 different colors and ended up with the Warm Beige foundation stick as the best fit for my skin tone. She then proceeded with adding some bronzing powder in Golden Light (1), blush, and creamy lipstick (Uber Pink). She had informed me that with a $150 Bobbi Brown purchase I would get a gift  which consisted of a classic eye & cheek palette, mini mascara, and mini eye cream. I went ahead and bought the foundation stick, bronzing powder, lipstick, and a face brush as I needed some new makeup. I was surprised when they asked me what tote color I wanted, as I still had no idea about their beauty event (free tote with $125 beauty purchase +free samples). I chose the blue one, and honestly I didn’t look inside until yesterday and found all these beauty samples.

I took a photo after the mini-Bobbi Brown counter make-over and here it is:


After my Bobbi Brown makeup counter mini-makeover (wearing BB foundation stick in Warm Beige, blush, bronzing powder in Golden Light, and Uber Pink lipstick)

It’s been only a few days since I have been using the Bobbi Brown foundation stick in Warm Beige, but I really like it. I can tell from the photo, the BB makeup counter lady put more of the foundation on than I usually do. I only need a few small little dabs of the foundation stick, which I blend with the face brush and it looks pretty natural. It doesn’t feel heavy, and it doesn’t melt off. I think a little goes a long way, so if you think it’s too heavy maybe try using a little less. I am also loving the Uber Pink creamy lipstick, which is perfect for day/work.

If you are looking to update your makeup, you might want to check out NM during their beauty event going on until 9/21. That way, you not only get what you need, but also a free tote!


Ensambl: The Must-Have Fashion App

Have you ever had a day where you had no idea what to wear?  If you are like most women, you probably have experienced the frustration of getting dressed on days where you lack the motivation. I remember when I was high school, a friend of mine had a sister who one day skipped school because she just couldn’t find anything to wear. Have you ever done that? I know that I have wanted to cancel on events because of this same reason.


I recently discovered an app, Ensambl, that helps you decide on what to wear for the day by showing you different outfits worn by fashion & style bloggers. They feature bloggers such as Bows & Sequins, My Daily Style, With Love From Kat, Bisous Natasha, Who What Wear, Wendy’s Lookbook, and many many more! So it’s like having all these fashionable women in one place. Instead of having to search online and go from blog to blog, you get to see them all in one place. You can scroll through and save those you like by clicking on the heart icon or swiping right (swiping left for those you don’t like). That way you store those that you want to give a try.  You can also click on the outfit and it takes you to the blog post for that outfit. Isn’t that great!


Another great thing about this fab app is that unlike other apps out there, Ensambl helps you by showing you fashion based on the weather. This is really helpful if you are say traveling (you can just change your location) or  you have an event coming up and all of sudden the weather changes and you are left scrambling for a new outfit.ensamblapp1

I am so glad I found this app, as I have already saved quite a few outfits to help me out whenever I need a little inspiration. I don’t have to go online, I have them all saved on my Ensambl app.  It’s a free app, so if you haven’t downloaded this app, you need to! Make sure to follow them on Twitter (@ensambl) and definitively on their Instagram as well (@ensambl).


I would also love it if you checked out my interview on their tumblr- Ensambl- where I shared some of my own fashion inspirations and more.

Have an awesome week!


Things To Do In NYC: Union Square/East Village


As you know, back in August I jetted off to NYC for a girl’s getaway. As you can imagine it was a great trip and I didn’t want to leave….

Since it was five of us and NYC can get pretty expensive with hotels, we booked an apartment through Airbnb. It was such a cute little apartment in between Union Square & East Village, so we had access to the subway & lots of restaurants/bars. It was a perfect location, not too touristy–away from the mob of people you find in the Times Square area. The apartment was on the first floor and we each paid a little less than $300 for the 4 nights we stayed there. Here is the listing on Airbnb if you are interested. We had a great host and I would definitively stay there again.

I fell in love with our little neighborhood in NYC. There were so much to do just in that area.

Here are some spots you have to check out if you are ever in the Union Square/East Village area.

The Penny Farthing
103 3rd Ave. (corner of 3rd Ave. & 13th St.)

My friends and I enjoyed drinks & dancing two of the nights we were in NYC at this cute bar/restaurant. It was super close to where we were staying and my one regret is not going to this place every single night. We sadly didn’t make it in for food. However, just by glancing at what people were eating as we walked by, it looked delicious (especially brunch). Even Richard Gere likes to lunch here.  So this is definitively a must–the atmosphere is great, friendly bartenders and management, no cover or dress code, great music!

Follow them on twitter @ThePennyNYC

McSorleys Old Ale House
15 East 7th Street

Established in 1854, this makes this saloon the oldest in NYC.  They only serve two types of beer: light or dark. My friend and I stopped in one evening and each ordered the light beer. We were surprised when we were each handed two glasses of beer. At first, we thought the bartender misunderstood us but then we noticed a sign that read 2 beers for $5.50.  I am not a beer drinker, usually I stick to cocktails…however the beer here was really tasty. We also noticed there were a lot of men at this establishment….so if you are looking to meet men you might want to try this place.

170 2nd Ave

I was missing my homemade glowing green smoothies, especially after a night of drinks. Luckily for me I found this great place on 11th & 2nd that sells cold-pressed juices.  Green smoothie + people watching in NYC= perfect start to my day!


Big Gay Ice Cream
125 East 7th St. (between 1st Ave. & Avenue A)

If you are looking for a nice cool treat then this is the place to try. It’s really close to Thompkins Park, so we each bought a Salty Pimp (vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, sea salt and chocolate chip) and sat at a park bench to enjoy this delicious treat.

Papaya King
3 St. Marks Place

You can’t go to NYC and not have a hot dog, right? Forget the street carts, if you want a delicious NYC hot dog, you have to go here. After the ice cream, as we were walking back to our apartment we spotted the bright sign for Papaya King. We decided to go ahead and get a snack because why not? I ordered a hot dog with chili and jalapeños and my friend ordered some chili cheese fries. The jalapeños on the hot dog were diced, they looked almost like relish. And the chili resembled refried beans to me as in Texas our chili is more meaty. It was the perfect hot dog, and I devoured it right away. The fries were curly fries and were also super tasty. It was so good, we were back a few hours later with the rest of our friends who all agreed the hot dogs were pretty tasty.

I still find myself craving Papaya King hot dogs. I wish I had eaten a few more before flying back to Texas.

Café Orlin 
41 St. Marks Pl. (between 1st Ave. & 2nd Ave.)

If you are looking for a place to brunch at check this place out. We had brunch here on Saturday morning, and they were pretty packed. Luckily, we got a table right away. My friends all loved their meal, as did I. I think I had their breakfast sandwich.  My friends had the Eggs Blackstone and Eggs Benedict. Next time I want to try their french toast as it sounded really good.

Joe’s Pizza
150 East 14th St. (near corner of 14th & 3rd Ave.)

My first meal in NYC was a slice of pizza and a coke for $5. The pizza was delicious, and they had several from which to choose from. It was kind of hard to decide since they all looked so good. There were photos on the walls of celebs and the place was pretty tiny as you can imagine with only a few tables. It is known as one of the best places for pizza. It’s not to be missed if you are looking for an authentic slice of NYC pizza. Yum!


I hope you check these places out if you are ever in the East Village, or if you take a trip to NYC don’t miss out on this great neighborhood. I loved it and will definitively be back.




Old Navy Gone Chic {Graphic Tees & More!)

Old Navy Picks: Graphic Tees

If you like the Parisian look– you have to check Old Navy out this weekend. I hadn’t been in a few months and I was wowed with all the styles they had. I was particularly impressed with their graphic tees–they are quite voguish. I have been looking for a “Holy Chic” tee for a while, but had yet to find a tee that was reasonably priced. Most of the ones I had found were either sleeveless or the over-sized ones. The graphic tees at Old Navy were perfect, just what I was looking for.

I grabbed a few of them since I can easily wear them with jeans, or dress them up with a blazer or with a skirt. I bought the J’adore, Holy Chic, and You, Me, Oui! tees. They are cheaper if you buy them online $10+. If you go to the store, the prices might vary (reg. $15).

Crossbody handbags are my go-to since they are so easy to wear. I am really loving this Old Navy crossbody in this gorgeous blue color. And I am always drawn to pink heels, even more when they are priced at only $30.

Seriously, I was really taken by how many styles Old Navy currently has that are quite Parisian. Lots of black & white chic clothing, some super comfy but mod sweatpants, and much more. Plus, I also bought a canvas tote with the silver wording, Holy Chic. I couldn’t find the tote online but they should have it at your local store. They also had another canvas tote with black writing, Merci.

REVIEW: VS Pointed-Toe Flats

VS Pointed-Toe Flats

Hello again! I am back from NYC and wishing I was still there. But I will tell you more about my girls getaway later. Today, I wanted to share with you my review on the nude flats I bought for the trip.

If you remember from my nude flats post, I told you I bought the Victoria’s Secret pointed-toe flats in Evening Blush. I wanted to share with you my thoughts on these shoes since I could not find any reviews on them when I first purchased them.

Pros: style (love the pointed-toe look), colors (love the evening blush nude), versatile (they go with everything!), comfy (I walked entire days & streets of NYC with very minimum foot pain); they look great with jeans & dresses/skirts.

Cons: Okay, so when I first opened the box, I was a bit disappointed. They had this strong smell, like paint or a cheap store. I was seriously thinking of taking them back. They felt a little cheaper than what I expected. They are bit pricey $68 but currently on sale for $48.

The style of the VS flat shoe is great, but they feel a little cheap; maybe a step above Forever 21 but sort of reminded me of the ballerina flats you can find at Target–except I couldn’t find pointed-toe ones in a nude color when I looked there. I ended up falling in love with this pair of VS pointed-toe flats since I did a lot of walking (and even some dancing) in them and my feet didn’t hurt as much. I loved walking and taking the subway, so I knew there would be some foot pain but I felt very minimum.

Would I buy another pair of VS pointed-toe flats again? You know I probably will…if they are on sale. I just can’t get past the actual quality vs. their original price. I’ve bought $60+ ballet flats before from other stores and the quality was much better.

Here is a picture of them (after walking all over NYC in them–sorry I meant to take a before photo) & the box they came in: