Bonjour world!

Who am I?

I am a lover of fashion, food, art, culture, literature, beauty and trashy television- oh & celebrity gossip 🙂  I  live in the great state of Texas in the chic city of Dallas. Actually, to be exact I live in the hip suburbs of Dallas.

I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan. I also think Johnny Cash had it right, you cannot go wrong with wearing black EVER. Black=chic in my book. I don’t think I have a favorite book, I have many!

I see this blog as an opportunity to share my personal experiences with things, people, and places. So it might be a review on a beauty product that worked or didn’t work for me, good eats, or  jeans that fit my little-petite self.  I am excited and I hope you are too.

So for now au revoir chica