Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a fun & safe NYE. The hubby and I welcomed the New Year with friends at the Fillmore Pub in the upper Eastside of Plano. 2013 started off with great food, live music and great company!

Yummy Home Fries Texas French Toast
Going out for lunch on New Year’s Day has become a tradition for my husband, the kids & I.  This year we were in the mood for breakfast so we had breakfast for lunch at Poor Richard’s Cafe.  My first meal of 2013 was their French Breakfast- Texas French Toast, bacon and home fries. Not exactly the healthiest way to start off the year but it was delicioso!

Resolutions for 2013? I never manage to keep any-they are meant to be broken after all. However, I do want to focus more on my health. I am turning 30 this year after all. And I want to kickoff my 30’s in great shape.

I hope 2013 is a year full of love & health for all!

Feliz Año Nuevo!!


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