Target + Neiman Marcus Collection: 70% off Sale!

Hola Chicas!

I hope everyone had a great weekend! I don’t know why my weekends always consist of over-eating & shopping 🙂  While I was out & about, I found out the Target + Neiman Marcus Collection has now gone on clearance for 70% off original prices! I was at the Target in Plano, TX  and they still had plenty of merchandise! There were racks full of the Robert Rodriguez Dress.

Taget+Neiman Marcus

And they have enough of the Oscar De La Renta totes.  Which I was not impressed with at all. I liked the style of the tote but the design was not what I was expecting from a designer such as Mr. De La Renta.  He should have just left it one solid color, maybe a bright color?

Oscar De La Renta tote

The collaboration between these particular high-end designers & Target/Neiman Marcus did not go off as well as previously expected.   Primarily for two reasons: Too expensive for Target/Quality was not good enough for Neiman Marcus shoppers.  I really liked the  Thomas Browne Women’s Blazer and I even bought it out of excitement.  However, after closer inspection the quality was not what I expected for something of that price ($120).  I have seen blazer’s similar to that price at Banana/JCrew and of better quality.  So I took it back the next day, but now that it is only $38, I might might go get it since it’s more of a reasonable price for the quality of the blazer.

I wonder if this price reduction will help in selling the collection? It was previously 50%, but that didn’t seem to help.  Is the collection selling where you live? Did you buy anything or are you planning on purchasing something now that it’s 70% off??

Well let’s hope the next collaboration is a better one, both for us the shoppers & the designer(s).




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