Fashionably Bright Handbags!!

Brighten up your day with a bright colored handbag!  They are a must have fashion accessory. In my opinion, you don’t even have to wait until spring or summer. The winter days are so dreary, so why not brighten them up with a neon handbag?


If you don’t feel comfortable with a solid bright-colored bag, maybe you could go for one with just a touch of color.  T.J. Maxx is currently selling these trendy Cynthia Rowley handbags in neon yellow & pink.  They have just the right amount of neon color.  The color block crossbody handbag is priced at $79.99! If you go to Cynthia Rowley’s website, you will find this exact handbag selling for $225!!  The color block convertible clutch handbag is $59.99 at T.J. Maxx and on Cynthia Rowley’s website it’s $175.  If you must have either of these Cynthia Rowley handbags,go to T.J. Maxx!


Target also has some reasonably priced bright-colored handbags.  They have a crossbody handbag  that comes in three different neon colors: yellow, blue & pink.  They are only $26.99, so why not get all three!


I already have a bright neon pink crossbody. This year, I think I might go for a neon yellow one 🙂

What about you fashionistas? What bright-colored handbag are you craving??




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