My Personal Review of Feria’s Wild Ombre Hair Color

Last year, I admit I thought about going for the ombré hair look.  However, I never got around to it and thought that by now it was too late. Too last season.  However, just earlier this month Féria’s Wild Ombré at-home hair color hit the market.  And I am sucker for trying out new things like this.

I bought a box of Féria Wild Ombré hair color #060 (for medium to dark brown hair).  I considered getting the #070 for dark blonde to light brown hair.  I went ahead with the #060 thinking it would be a safer choice. I was a bit worried about the application.  Their “patented expert” brush was pretty easy to use and the application of the product turned out to be quite simple.  Although, I did have to ask my husband to take a look at the back of my head to make sure I did not miss any spots. And the results…

photo(23) photo(22)

The results were pretty much what all brunettes experience when bleaching their hair- yucky orange, brassy hair.  Which is really what Féria Wild Ombré is, bleach.  To be fair to Féria, the color on the box does kind of look orange and brassy.  They should know by now that they need to include toner.  Wella T14 (Silver Lady) toner removes the orange and brassiness out of your hair.

I was really not impressed with the end-result and would suggest you don’t waste your money. The product is nothing new, you could achieve the same with a frosting or bleaching kit.  The only difference is that Féria Wild Ombré includes their “patented expert” brush.  You could probably use a similar brush and accomplish the same results.  I was reading somewhere that some girls were using toothbrushes to achieve the ombré look.  I am not sure how well that works though.

After my whole experiment, I found some interesting dyi ombré videos on youtube.  You might want to check those out as well.  Here is one that I wish I had seen before trying out Féria’s product.

Have you tried Féria’s Wild Ombré hair color?


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Galaxy Chocolate Commercial Featuring Audrey Hepburn

Galaxy just started running a commercial for their chocolate featuring none other than lovely Audrey Hepburn.   Audrey’s sons Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti, said:“Our mother often spoke about her love of chocolate and how it lifted her spirit so we’re sure she would have been proud of her role as the face of Galaxy.” 

Watch “her” promote Galaxy chocolate.

Bonne journée mes amies!

Michaels 40% off on Anthropologie Copycat Home Accessories


I love Anthropologie.  I could spend hours just perusing through their home accessories/room décor & their books. Sadly, I can’t buy clothes from Anthropologie. For one, it’s too pricey and then of course even if I wanted to purchase something I doubt it would fit me.  Their dresses, pants, skirts and yeah pretty much everything is too long for me.  Their clothes are not made for us petite girls.

Lately, I have noticed several Anthropologie copycats. From websites such as Copycat Crafts to Target’s Threshold line and now even Michaels! Target’s Threshold line & Michaels are carrying home accessories very similar to Anthropologie’s.  I wonder how this makes Anthropologie feel?

If you were eyeing the chalkboard spice jars or the 3d flower vase, you can now buy similar items at Michaels.   Michaels is even having a 40% off sale on their Ashland Home Accessories! Their spice jars are similar in looks to Anthropologie’s. The quality is not as good- the lids can’t be tightened. As for Michaels’ 3d flower vase, it’s one solid color.  I guess if you want it to look more like Anthropologie’s you could always paint the flower.

Michaels chalkboard spice jar

Michaels chalkboard spice jar

Michaels 3d flower vase

Michaels 3d flower vase

Where else have you spotted Anthropologie look-a-likes at?


Natural Sista

“Quentin Moore is a diverse artist with a powerful voice full of R&B & Soul. With an undeniable presence, he puts on a soul-cleansing show that makes you want more, he has seductive lyrics and charisma to match.  Not to be missed!”–Lori Stevensen, Austin Daze

I thought I would share with you Quentin Moore’s latest single- Natural Sista- Quentin Moore

It is pretty rare this day and age for you to hear an uplifting song for & about women.  I love the music and lyrics to Natural Sista.  Take a listen, share & buy this catchy tune on i-tunes.

If you don’t have any Valentine’s Day plans and are in the Dallas area, join Quentin Moore for a night of Neo-Soul/R&B.  He will be performing at Sandaga 813 (813 Exposition Ave., Dallas, TX 75226) on Thursday, February 14th from 7:05 p.m.-11:05 p.m.  There will be a free Mexican-style buffet catered by Melody Soul Dining. Free cupcakes by Chazzy Cakes! Cover: $10 before 8 p.m., $15 after 8 p.m.($25 for couples after 8 p.m.). Check it out!

Grammy Awards 2013: The Best and Worst of the Red Carpet!

Grammy 2013: Red Carpet
My favorite part of the Grammy Awards is seeing what all the celebs are wearing.  Sadly, it seems like many of them missed the mark this year.  I don’t know if it was due to the memo CBS sent out regarding the dress code for this year.  Apparently, the “stars” were told to cover up! And cover up they did… in ugly colors and prints.  It always amazes me how their stylist let them go out in those horrendous dresses.
I love Adele, but seriously that flowery dress was just so not for her.  Florence’s emerald gown, pretty color but the material made her look “alieny.”  Carly Rae Jepsen looked as though she was wearing a trash bag. Who knows it might look better in person, but all I could think of was a shiny kitchen trash bag. She should of gone with something bold and neon. With those dark locks, she would have looked great in a stylish neon-colored gown. Kat Dennings and Alexa Chung both looked like they were in the wrong place.  As if no one had told them they were going to an awards show.  And the only problem I had with Katy Perry’s dress was the color- not a fan of it. And I could go on and on with pictures of all the other celebs who wore unflattering dresses, as it was most of them.
Let us move on to those that I did find glamorous. The best dressed was Rihanna!!  She looked gorgeous in that red Azzedine Alaia dress.  The Kelly’s also looked oh-so chic in their black gowns.  Kelly Osbourne wore a Paule Ka gown.  Kelly Rowland rocked the Georges Chakra gown with geometric mesh panels, which ran down the front & sides.  And finally, Taylor Swift in J. Mendel.  I have to admit, I found her look somewhat boring.  It was a little déjà vu. But she did look elegant and they were few that did.
Who was your best dressed??

DIY: Feria Wild Ombré

DIY Feria Wild Ombré
Just when I thought it might not be a good idea to go for the ombré hair look because it’s probably so last season, Féria comes out with an at-home ombré hair coloring system. That’s right you can now find Féria Wild Ombré at your local Target.  Supposedly you will be able to, from the comfort of your home, create this trendy ombré effect.  The collection consists of #060 for those with medium to dark hair, #070 for dark blonde to light brown and #080 for light to medium blonde. They claim it is “as easy as brushing your hair.” Really? My concern with this is that it won’t be as natural looking. If you are into the ombré look anyways.
I know when I first started seeing this trend, I though women were just not dyeing their hair and letting their roots grow out. Kind of reminded me of that time in college when a couple of friends and I out of boredom, frosted our hair tips. I hated it! I felt like it looked so horrendous and skunkish! Which resulted in a super bad hair cut that I gave myself that same night. The next morning, I had to make my way to the salon to have a “real” hair cut. I was so embarrassed. However, I don’t think it looked bad on my friends.  I just wasn’t into that look. So you can see how I am a little skeptical about this product. However, I am also super curious.   So yes I confess, I did go buy a box of the #060. Which by the way Target is giving you a $5 gift card if you purchase two boxes ($8.99 a box).
 As soon as I am brave enough I’ll give it a try.  I’ll let you know if it was “as easy as brushing your hair.” If you have or if you will be trying it please share your own review with me. I’d love to hear how it works out for you!

Elegant Emerald Earrings

Elegant Emeral Earrings

Did you notice Beyoncé’s gorgeous emerald earrings at the inauguration? I’ve been wanting a pair for quite a while now.  A pair of lovely emerald drop earrings.  Although, I am kind of liking the stud earrings as well. Perhaps, this will be the year that I finally buy myself a pair or two.  Emerald green is the color of 2013 after all.  It’s such an elegant color and can be worn year round!

You can easily create a classy and fashionable look with any of these earrings.  Accessorize your favorite black dress as Beyoncé did.  Or with jeans & a t-shirt for a chic look.