DIY: Feria Wild Ombré

DIY Feria Wild Ombré
Just when I thought it might not be a good idea to go for the ombré hair look because it’s probably so last season, Féria comes out with an at-home ombré hair coloring system. That’s right you can now find Féria Wild Ombré at your local Target.  Supposedly you will be able to, from the comfort of your home, create this trendy ombré effect.  The collection consists of #060 for those with medium to dark hair, #070 for dark blonde to light brown and #080 for light to medium blonde. They claim it is “as easy as brushing your hair.” Really? My concern with this is that it won’t be as natural looking. If you are into the ombré look anyways.
I know when I first started seeing this trend, I though women were just not dyeing their hair and letting their roots grow out. Kind of reminded me of that time in college when a couple of friends and I out of boredom, frosted our hair tips. I hated it! I felt like it looked so horrendous and skunkish! Which resulted in a super bad hair cut that I gave myself that same night. The next morning, I had to make my way to the salon to have a “real” hair cut. I was so embarrassed. However, I don’t think it looked bad on my friends.  I just wasn’t into that look. So you can see how I am a little skeptical about this product. However, I am also super curious.   So yes I confess, I did go buy a box of the #060. Which by the way Target is giving you a $5 gift card if you purchase two boxes ($8.99 a box).
 As soon as I am brave enough I’ll give it a try.  I’ll let you know if it was “as easy as brushing your hair.” If you have or if you will be trying it please share your own review with me. I’d love to hear how it works out for you!

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