Grammy Awards 2013: The Best and Worst of the Red Carpet!

Grammy 2013: Red Carpet
My favorite part of the Grammy Awards is seeing what all the celebs are wearing.  Sadly, it seems like many of them missed the mark this year.  I don’t know if it was due to the memo CBS sent out regarding the dress code for this year.  Apparently, the “stars” were told to cover up! And cover up they did… in ugly colors and prints.  It always amazes me how their stylist let them go out in those horrendous dresses.
I love Adele, but seriously that flowery dress was just so not for her.  Florence’s emerald gown, pretty color but the material made her look “alieny.”  Carly Rae Jepsen looked as though she was wearing a trash bag. Who knows it might look better in person, but all I could think of was a shiny kitchen trash bag. She should of gone with something bold and neon. With those dark locks, she would have looked great in a stylish neon-colored gown. Kat Dennings and Alexa Chung both looked like they were in the wrong place.  As if no one had told them they were going to an awards show.  And the only problem I had with Katy Perry’s dress was the color- not a fan of it. And I could go on and on with pictures of all the other celebs who wore unflattering dresses, as it was most of them.
Let us move on to those that I did find glamorous. The best dressed was Rihanna!!  She looked gorgeous in that red Azzedine Alaia dress.  The Kelly’s also looked oh-so chic in their black gowns.  Kelly Osbourne wore a Paule Ka gown.  Kelly Rowland rocked the Georges Chakra gown with geometric mesh panels, which ran down the front & sides.  And finally, Taylor Swift in J. Mendel.  I have to admit, I found her look somewhat boring.  It was a little déjà vu. But she did look elegant and they were few that did.
Who was your best dressed??

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