Michaels 40% off on Anthropologie Copycat Home Accessories


I love Anthropologie.  I could spend hours just perusing through their home accessories/room décor & their books. Sadly, I can’t buy clothes from Anthropologie. For one, it’s too pricey and then of course even if I wanted to purchase something I doubt it would fit me.  Their dresses, pants, skirts and yeah pretty much everything is too long for me.  Their clothes are not made for us petite girls.

Lately, I have noticed several Anthropologie copycats. From websites such as Copycat Crafts to Target’s Threshold line and now even Michaels! Target’s Threshold line & Michaels are carrying home accessories very similar to Anthropologie’s.  I wonder how this makes Anthropologie feel?

If you were eyeing the chalkboard spice jars or the 3d flower vase, you can now buy similar items at Michaels.   Michaels is even having a 40% off sale on their Ashland Home Accessories! Their spice jars are similar in looks to Anthropologie’s. The quality is not as good- the lids can’t be tightened. As for Michaels’ 3d flower vase, it’s one solid color.  I guess if you want it to look more like Anthropologie’s you could always paint the flower.

Michaels chalkboard spice jar

Michaels chalkboard spice jar

Michaels 3d flower vase

Michaels 3d flower vase

Where else have you spotted Anthropologie look-a-likes at?



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