Skirts for Petites at Target

Skirts for Petites at Target

I love Target and j’adore Target even more now that I know they carry petite sizes! Online only, but still I had no idea.  I don’t shop for clothes online so it was a complete surprise to me.  I just happened to be browsing their site when I noticed the petite section.  I am so excited to see they have skirts & dresses for petite women!!  Usually, their skirts & dresses are too long for me.

The skirts pictured above are currently available at Target online.  They have a good selection of skirts in a variety of styles, cuts & prints.  These would be perfect for work. I’ll have to order one to see how it fits. I don’t like shopping online for clothes much because I like to be able to try things on.  However, their prices are pretty low so it might just be worth it. Plus, some of these skirts are too enticing.


I wish they would start carrying petite sizes at their stores as well, then I would be one very happy girl! I would be more likely to buy these skirts if I found them at the store rather than having to go online to search for them.

Come on petite chicas, let us unite and make our voices heard!! We need to let them know we are out there and ready to shop!


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