Fashion&Beauty- What I learned this week…

Fashion & Beauty- What I learned this week.

1. The lovely Merona® top from Target will fit you a bit too long if you are petite. I bought it in size S because I thought XS might shrink. Although, XS was about the same length as the small.  If you are petite, you can wear it with a skirt and just make sure to tuck it in.  I wore it with jeans for a more casual look, but it didn’t work because it was way too long.

2. I had been searching for some comfy and simple flats for quite a while.  I found these ballet flats at Banana Republic several weeks ago. Finally, last weekend I decided to wear them. They were only half-comfy.  Half, as in it felt great on my left foot but not so much on the right one.  Maybe my feet are weird, but these flats really bothered the back of my right foot.  It left me with a blister on my Achilles tendon.  I tried to wear them again yesterday and as soon as I slipped my right foot in the pain started.  I read the reviews on Banana Republic and they are mostly positive.  There were a couple that also found them uncomfortable, but not many.  Like I said, maybe I have weird feet.

3. I just found out Katie Holmes is the Spokesmodel for Bobbi Brown. I had no idea.  I was at Nordstrom’s when I noticed the huge picture of Katie Holmes advertising Bobbi Brown cosmetics. Since I have not bought make-up in months, I decided to stop at the counter.  Has anyone tried Bobbi Brown’s Long-Wear Even Finish Compact Foundation? I have only tried their mineral make-up. I thought I would try their compact foundation this time. The hip young gentleman at the counter tried a couple of shades on me and decided Natural Tan was a fit. We will see how much I agree with him after I wear it a couple of times.  Sometimes make-up looks good inside the store but once you get home it looks completely different.

4. No more Bobbi Brown tinted lip balm???? I need to visit the make-up counters at Nordstrom’s more often. I have no idea when they discontinued this great product, but I am sad.  I loved their tinted lip balm….

You can buy:

Peter pan collar top ($19.99) at Target

Abbey Ballet Flat ($79) at Banana Republic

Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Even Finish Compact ($46) at Nordstrom


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