Ballet Bar Workout- Not Just for Ballerinas

A couple of weeks ago Ellie Kemper, who plays Erin on The Office, was on the Ellen show.  She was discussing how she had been going to a ballet barre class and apparently was always getting called out by the instructor because she wasn’t doing the moves correctly.  Ellen tried to do some of the moves and said she felt like she wasn’t doing anything. Anyways, I became a little curious and wanted to learn more about ballet as a form of exercise.

I found out ballet barre exercises help tone your upper & lower body. I really need to work on getting my legs into shape so this workout was just what I was looking for. Apparently, Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, is also a big fan of ballet barre exercises.  One of the videos I found, was of her instructor demonstrating a couple of ballet barre moves.

I also found this great ballet barre exercise video.  It is only about 24 minutes long, so you could probably fit this into your busy schedule. The moves area all pretty simple, but let me tell you I could really feel my thighs burning within the first 3 minutes. I used my kitchen counter as my bar and it worked out just fine. So if you are looking for something new to add to your workout routine, definitively check out the ballet barre workout video below!


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