Pinderella- Unique Treasures in Frisco, TX

I love Pinterest! It inspires you to be a more creative with your home, parties, food and pretty much in every aspect of your life.  However, sometimes it can be a bit challenging finding some of the things from Pinterest. I am currently planning my daughter’s birthday party and I needed some cute baking cups.  I found out there is this lovely little boutique, Pinderella, in Frisco that sells cute paper products.


Pinderella booth inside Frisco Mercantile.

They carry straws, baking cups, paper goody bags, twine- all in different colors & patterns.  You can find chevron, hearts & polka dot patterns on all of their paper products.  I found the baking cups and also grabbed some twine & goody bags.  I am planning on using the baking cups for cotton candy and the paper bags for popcorn.


Pretty paper straws, baking cups, goody bags

Pinderella also carries party paper cups with cute little sayings, such as “Real Housewives of Frisco.” They should add cups with other nearby towns, like Plano, McKinney, Dallas, etc. You can also find these really unique birthday hats/crowns at Pinderella’s. I thought about buying one for my almost  3-year-old, but then realized she would probably end up not wanting to wear it or destroying it.

Cute birthday hats!

Cute birthday hats!

If you are in the Dallas area and are planning a party or event, definitively check out Pinderella.  The boutique is located inside the Frisco Mercantile. Which by the way, this was my first time at the Frisco Mercantile and they have tons of small boutiques with many interesting finds. I spent 2 hours inside this place! They have boutiques with an array of treasures: chic & vintage furniture, clothes, jewelry, chalkboard paint, etc. You will love this place!


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