Bow-tie & pointed flats at Old Navy

Old Navy currently has a great selection of flats in just about every color. They have pointed, bow-tie & perforated flats. You can choose either a suede or faux-lizard pointed flat. The suede ones will come in mostly bright colors -orange, pink and yellow. While the faux-lizard pointed flats will come in colors such as brown, taupe and black.  The pointed flats are priced at $22.94 and only come in full-sizes.  I bought a pair and they fit perfectly even though my true-size is a half-size. I’ve worn them a couple of times and they feel super comfy.


The bow-tie ballet flats are priced at $19.97 and these do come in half-sizes. The bow-tie flats come in purple, black, brown, silver, teal, orange and yellow. I noticed the bow-tie flats in orange, yellow & teal colors were on sale for $13.49. I was not able to purchase a pair of bow-tie flats since they were out of my size in the color that I was interested in. I did try a full-size but they just felt too-tight. If you are a half-size, you will want to stick with a half-size in these.


You will find a wider selection of ballet flats in-store than online. Some of the colors cannot be found on their website, but I did find them in-store. Stop by your local Old Navy store to see what deals they have on ballet flats. Make sure to check out their clearance section while you are at it.  I found this black dress for only $7! This dress was available in a green color as well in sizes XS, S, M, L, XL. All of their spring dresses are also currently on sale for $15. If you still need a dress for Sunday or shoes to go with your dress Old Navy might just be the place for you.


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