Loft’s White Jeans & Blazers

White Jeans & Blazers

This week, I have seriously been considering buying a pair of white jeans. They seem to be everywhere.  When I think of white jeans, for some reason Carrie Bradshaw always comes to mind. I seem to remember her wearing some but I couldn’t find any images of her in white jeans. However, just last week, SJP did step out in a pair of white jeans for the opening of Target’s first store in Canada.

Loft has a great selection of white jeans in both modern & curvy fits. Their petite sizes not only come in both fits but this time you can choose from several different cuts- cropped, straight or ankle.  From what I have seen, the petite sizes usually are offered in one cut and we don’t get as many options. Currently, their modern & curvy skinny white jeans (regular and petite sizes) are on sale for $49.99 with an extra 40% off at checkout without a code!

Something else I am loving this week are Loft’s blazers! They have blazers in several different types of fabrics, colors and prints. My favorite is their shawl collar blazer in a drapey crepe fabric.  The crepe fabric gives the blazer a very soft & light feeling making it perfect for spring. You could wear it with jeans, pants, skirts or a dress. It’s very versatile, especially if you get it in a solid color.

Loft is one of my favorite places to shop because not only do they carry petite sizes that fit me perfectly but they are always having some kind of sale. Most of my purchases from the Loft are from one of their sales. They have great sales too, where you get an extra 40% or 50% off the sales price.  The only time I pay full-price is when I see something in small quantities that I know will probably go quickly.

What are you currently coveting or loving for this spring?

Where you can buy your own blazer & white jeans:


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