Empowering Women Through a Lens: “A Beautiful Body”

I just found out about this amazing book project by Jade Beall, “A Beautiful Body,” and I have to share with you.

A Beautiful Body” is a book of portraits currently in the works that aims to celebrate unPhotoshopped, real mothers and their changing bodies. Photographer, Jade Beall is traveling the country and meeting with women who are interested in being part of changing society’s view on body-image & what is considered beautiful. The book will consist of 100 or more black & white portraits of mothers. Not only that, but the women will be able to tell their own story as well. Stories about self-hatred, feeling unsexy, and much more. It all sounds pretty interesting! I am sure many women will be able to relate to the mothers in this book project.

Jade Beall is funding “A Beautiful Body” through a Kicktarter campaign and aims to complete the book in January 2014. Afterwards she hopes to continue with volumes on different topics such as women living with cancer, women facing aging and women facing eating disorders. So please check her website out and take a look at some of the beautiful photographs. There is also a section on there with FREE things you can do to help out if you are unable to donate to her campaign at the time.

Mother and Child

                           (Image by Jade Beall)

Espadrille Wedges fit for a Duchess

Espadrille Wedges

I’ve always been a big fan of wedges. They are probably one of the comfiest pairs of shoes I have ever worn. I love to wear them with spring dresses and skirts. I was so glad to see the Duchess herself is a fan. Not too long ago she was seen at the 2012 Olympics in a pair of Stuart Weitzman navy “corkswoon” wedge. Which I have been coveting ever since. Not the exact ones, as they probably sold out right away plus they weren’t exactly in my budget. After seeing pictures of the Duchess in her navy wedges, I realized all of mine are black. I thought navy would be a great color as I could probably wear them as much as my black ones. And I’ve been on the search for navy cork wedges ever since. Sadly, I found cork wedges in every color except for navy. I thought navy would have been an easier color to find but I guess not. I did however find similar espadrille wedges by Tory Burch and another by BCBG. I like the BCBG pair….except I am not a fan of the ankle strap.

While on my search for my own Duchess look-a-like cork wedges, I did find a great pair of peep toe wedges! Yes, I bought them in black but I couldn’t pass them up at such a great price! They are currently on sale for $16.99 at Payless and come in a variety of colors: black, brown, pink, and white (no, sadly they were not available in navy).  They also have these retro polka-dot slingbacks available in black, green, and coral…also on sale for only $11.99!

Where you can buy your own Duchess copycat wedges from:

Tory Burch navy sandals

Peep toe wedge

Bow shoes

Stuart Weitzman Wedges – Corkswoon Patent
$235 – bloomingdales.com