I dream in Kate Spade

Kate Spade

If given the opportunity, what brand would I like to collaborate with? That is what the IBF Project 101 is all about.

KATE SPADE! I have loved her ever since I spotted the lovely Kate Spade fine china. It left me breathless. I was in college, at the mall with friends, when suddenly I was drawn to this wonderful piece of art…china plates! I was in love. Up to this point, I had not given china a second thought. I had always found china boring and antiquated. There was just something so modern, so sophisticated about the Kate Spade china. I have been dreaming of it ever since then. I can just imagine all of the glamorous sit-down dinner parties I could be throwing, if only I owned the Kate Spade Larabee Road collection.

I discovered my love for Kate Spade with a china plate, but fell more in love as I discovered her other works of art. I am salivating just thinking of the gorgeous handbags. The simple, yet fabulous pieces of clothing. The uniquely charming accessories. The ever so chic shoes. Everything she comes out with, I automatically love!

Kate Spade is simple but classy, modern but sophisticated and the definition of effortless chic…pretty much what I want to be. If Audrey Hepburn were still living, I strongly believe she would be walking around in Kate Spade.

How exactly could we collaborate, Kate Spade? Well, I have noticed some of your handbags come in different sizes. Which is great for someone who is petite, like me. I would love to model handbags perfect for petite fashionistas. Or how about we collaborate on petite sizes for your clothing? As you do not yet carry petite sizes. I really just want to work with you on anything!! You want me to model handbags, clothes, earrings, china? I am up for it!

So Kate Spade…CALL ME? Maybe?


4 thoughts on “I dream in Kate Spade

  1. KS is one of my favourites, too! I have several of her bags and wallets and my current iPhone case is also Kate Spade! 🙂

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