Bangs for Round Shaped Faces

Every year, either in the spring or at the beginning of summer I go in for a short-to-medium haircut. A couple of years ago, during a particular scorching Texas summer, I ended up with super short hair. Like really really short! I have been trying to grow my hair out ever since!

with super short hair

with super short hair

As my hair gets longer, I start to get bored with it. It starts to look really flat, making my face look rounder. So, I thought maybe give bangs a try? I’ve always heard adding some fringe is an easy way to change-up your look. Even though I love the look of blunt bangs, I just don’t think I could pull them off. Plus, the last time I had a blunt fringe was when I was like seven.  I did some research and found out side-swept bangs would probably work the best on my round face. Several years back, I had long side-swept bangs but had a hard time keeping up with them. My hair would just not cooperate when I would try to style them. And then there was that time I cut my own bangs, that was just so not a good idea. I had to keep them clipped back and wait for them to grow out.

You can see why I kept going back and forth on whether I should get bangs. Then I remembered, I am turning 30 in August. Maybe I should go for it and let it be the last “risky” hair decision I make in my 20’s?! And if they look horrible, maybe they would look better by August? This time, I would go to a professional.

Here I am before bangs (I went out for the day without sunscreen, bad idea):

before bangs

before bangs

And here I am with short side-swept bangs!

A short side-swept fringe...

A short side-swept fringe…

I love them! They are so easy to style and give me that change I so needed.

If you are looking for a change in hairstyle–why not try a side-swept fringe this summer?


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