EXPRESS Fashion Show Times Square-Holiday 2013 Collection

NYC is such a fun place to visit! Having grown up in a small town, I have always yearned to live in NYC and Paris. Both of which, I have been lucky enough to visit for the second time this year.

This past weekend, I was in NYC celebrating my 30th birthday.  I still can’t believe I am 30! Is it just me or do most of us think we will be in our twenties forever? When I turned twenty… 30 seemed so far away, but these ten years flew by so quickly!

We stayed at the Crowne Plaza at Times Square located right on Broadway. You step out and you are surrounded by noise, people, lights…so exciting! And one of my dreams came true, I was able to watch a fashion runway show in person. Granted, I was not seating in the front seat next to Victoria Beckham and it was not haute couture but still a live fashion show.

The EXPRESS Fashion Show was held at Times Square this past Saturday. There were so many people there! I can only imagine how crazy it gets on NYE. A day before the fashion show, they started to build the runway. I saw some of the models trying on outfits and getting their makeup done (1st picture above). The models looked so tall or taller than they look on t.v. or in photos, even in the one above.

I probably would have gotten a much better view of the fashion show had I gotten there early. We spent that day sight-seeing and shopping. I was so hungry by the end of the day, that we stopped for dinner before heading to the fashion show. By the time we got to Times Square, there was already a sea of people. Luckily, I still managed to get a pretty decent view of the runway. The EXPRESS fashion show was a sneak peek into their Holiday 2013 Collection. A lot of holiday wear in red, black, silver and white. Pretty much the colors you see during the holidays. They did throw in a bit of blue as well. My favorite item from the EXPRESS Holiday 2013 Collection is the red lace dress with quarter sleeves. It is the second dress you see in the picture above.

The EXPRESS fashion show at Times Square was so much fun! You had Times Square as the background and the music was great! It was truly a great experience that I will never forget.

Here is a short clip of the end of the fashion show, as all the models walked out in pieces from the EXPRESS Holiday 2013 Collection.


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