Fall Wish List/40% OFF Banana Republic Code

Fall Wish List

It seems like I am always needing something! Right now, I am obsessing over what I want to be wearing this fall season. I’ve actually been wanting a trench coat ever since I first saw Audrey Hepburn wearing one in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Of course everyone always remembers Audrey in the little black dress, I remember the trench coat. She made every piece of clothing she wore chic.

The trench coat on my wish list is currently selling at Banana Republic. It’s a little different from other trench coats since it has a little flare to it at the bottom. It’s selling for $225 (know I remember why I have yet to buy one). But I do have the BR coupon code for  40% off one full-priced item, today only: N1D8QVRFVL8D….(the number following N is one).

These last couple of years, I have been drawn to taupe & beige colored handbags. So I think it’s time I invested in a black one. I am really loving the classiness of the London Fog handbag.

I have a leopard print scarf, now I need leopard print heels. I found some the other day at Nordstroms Off the Rack, but they were a bit scuffed so I decided to hold off. And I am glad I did, I recently came across these leopard print heels by Nine West. The reviews on Zappos were all positive so I might go for these.

What shall I buy first—the trench coat, handbag, or the leopard print heels??

What’s on your wish list for the fall?

Banana Republic beige coat

Nine West shoes


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