Happy Halloween!

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Happy Halloween chicas!

Check out these creepy Halloween photos from the past…see I told you Halloween use to be scarier!



Are You Ready for Halloween 2013??


At my son’s Superhero birthday party earlier this year

Halloween is right around the corner!! Do you have a costume picked out yet??

I don’t think I am going all out this year with a Halloween costume. Lately, my costumes have not been very Halloweenish. What I mean is that Halloween use to be about witches, black cats, ghosts, Draculas and Frankensteins. Or at least that is how I remember it as a child. Halloween has lost some of its scariness and now seems to be about how creative you can get. You see all kinds of costumes from loofah’s to Lady Gaga to the Royal couple. And then there are the inappropriate sexy Princess costumes. There is nothing wrong with wanting to be sexy on All Hallow’s Eve, but maybe stay away from Disney characters.

I love Halloween and I have been one of those who have usually opted for the creative type of costume. During my college years, I admit I did take the sexy costume route, (never a Disney character though!) from a school girl costume to a VS model (tastefully done of course). In my defense, I ended up with the school girl outfit because I wasn’t planning on wearing a costume. You see it was my freshmen year in college and I didn’t really bring much with me, certainly not a costume. My friends, the five-dollar crack whore & fairy pressured me and with only a few minutes before the party, we had to use what was in my closet. If I remember correctly, it was a white button down shirt with a grey sweater vest and a plaid skirt. One of my dorm neighbors let me borrow her high-platform Mary Jane shoes. And so that’s how I ended up with that costume. But hey we WON the costume contest! My five-dollar crack whore friend and I each won a $20 gift card to a local restaurant. As college students that meant we could eat that weekend! Just kidding…kind of.

This year, I am going to a work-lunch Halloween costume party. I think I am going to just throw my Wonder Woman t-shirt on and call it my costume. I am not feeling very creative this year, but who knows I might suddenly want to be a twerking Miley Cyrus..not!

If you still haven’t decided on a costume, Visually has 15 infographics to help you decide. You should check them out!

Here are two of the infographics I found particularly interesting: halloween-popcostume-index_524ee90f291e6_w934


(Source: Visually.com 15 Halloween Info)

Petite Sale at LOFT

LOFT is having a sale just for us petite girls today!


*Full-priced items only.


In stores & online!

Vera Bradley Fall Fashion Picks

Bonjour Monday!

How was everyone’s weekend? This would have been a perfect weekend for a quick getaway! Our 1st grader had both Friday & today off from school. Last year, we traveled to Estes Park, Colorado and had a great time visiting the Rocky Mountains. This year however that was not possible 😦 Both our little ones play soccer and this weekend was also picture day.

The good thing about not going away this weekend was that I was able to attend the Vera Bradley+InStyle Fall Fashion Event hosted by Kileen from Cute&Little. She is another petite blogger in the DFW area. It was so nice to meet another blogger that not only lives in the area, but also shares some of the same struggles as I do- finding clothing that fits!

This was my first time inside of a Vera Bradley store! I’ve walked right past it so many times but have never been inside. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of florals, I am more of a solid colors type of girl. That being said, when I was pregnant with my now-3 year old, my mother-in-law gave me a lovely hot pink Vera Bradley tote filled with baby clothes, diapers, washcloths and other goodies. She gave it to me at my baby shower. I would have used it as a diaper bag but I just felt like it was too big for my frame. I mainly use it as an “overnight” bag for my little girl for when she spends the night at grandmas.

My little girl, Audrey, owns a pretty pink flower headband (my mother-in-law also bought it for her). She loves to wear it with her school uniform. Audrey went with me to the fall fashion event and she enjoyed the music &  the mini bundt cake. We browsed the hair accessories & picked up a bow headband to add to her collection (#4).

I was really surprised by what all Vera Bradley carries. They sell more than just purses and headbands. They carry scarves, stationery,  college & dorm stuff, fashion & tech accessories, sunglasses, and much more! And their totes & handbags come in different sizes & prints. My favorite print is Ribbons (# 2 tote in Ribbons). Ribbons is their Breast Cancer Awareness color, perfect for this month!

Check out my Vera Bradley Top Picks (Christmas is right around the corner):

Vera Bradley Fall Picks

How to Dress Like a Mademoiselle

Dress Like a Mademoiselle

Earlier this year, in May, I had the opportunity to travel to Europe for a family reunion. We rented a car and drove through France, into Spain and back to France. We spent two weeks in Europe, and probably stayed at a different hotel every night, except for at the end of the trip when we were in Paris. I really need to organize my pictures and blog about it. We saw so much & so many interesting places.

Today  though, I wanted to share with you my observations as to how women dressed in France. Particularly in Paris. While in Paris, the majority of the women I saw, looked very stylish. I saw them throughout Paris-the streets, the metro, at dinner, at work, coming home, leaving home, at the local grocery store, etc. We actually stayed at someone’s apartment really close to the Eiffel Tower.  I could see the Eiffel Tower from our bedroom window, it looked gorgeous at night.

The Parisian women I saw, all had this sophisticated,classy look to them. I noticed the majority wore mostly neutral colors: black, grey, taupe, some white and some burgundy/wine colors. A lot of just black (skirt, dress, pants & top) with a taupe scarf, black peacoat, tights and a black handbag. A few here and there wore burgundy (dresses & skirts) with black tights. It was still pretty cool in France, so you still saw a lot of peacoats and scarfs. Once in a while you would see a pop of color, mostly in the scarfs. I think I remember seeing someone with a mustard scarf. And the clothing didn’t necessarily look like it was expensive, but because of how they put their outfit together with neutral colors they achieved an elegant look. Make-up & jewelry was minimal, they had this very natural beauty look to them. Very ooh la la indeed!

In Spain, I don’t remember seeing as many neutral colors in women’s clothing but they looked very fashionable. We went to San Sebastián, and it might have just been the location, but a lot of the families were well-dressed.

If you ever feel like you don’t have anything to wear, why not go for the Mademoiselle look. It’s super easy to put together for an instant stylish look. The great thing about the Parisian look is that you don’t have to spend tons of money! Most of the pieces pictured above are $50 or less. And you can find these pieces at Target, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Forever 21, H&M…all pretty affordable.

Some people might find wearing neutral colors boring but I like to think of them as timeless & chic. After all, who doesn’t look good in black?

For a Parisian look:


Cowl neck tee


Apt. 9 pants

Pure Good ribbed tight

Pure Good tight

ASOS tight

Zara pumps

Forever 21 flat

John Lewis scarve
$32 – johnlewis.com

Ellis – JustFab

Skimmies: A Modern Woman’s Slip

The Modern Women's Slip

A few months back, I was flipping through a fashion magazine when an ad for Skimmies caught my eye. Rachel Zoe was pictured in the ad, along with a model in a pair of Skimmies under a skirt. I was intrigued and wanted to find out more about them. I found out Skimmies are slips….. slipshorts that is. I automatically loved the idea! A slip to wear under dresses and skirts but in a short-style. Finally, a slip for the modern day woman! To be honest with you, I probably have not worn a slip since I was a kid. I don’t find slips comfortable or very fashionable.

As soon as I was able to, I stopped by Kohl’s to pick up a pair of Skimmies. They come in a variety of colors and in both long & short lengths. I opted for a nude color one in a short length. I was concerned about how they would actually feel once they were on. And I wondered if it would become uncomfortable to wear in this Texas summer heat. I’ve worn Spanx before and I actually feel fatter in them than without them on. To be fair, Spanx and Skimmies are too different things. Skimmies are not meant to suck you in, but to add coverage underneath your skirt/dresses. Skimmies will not make you flatter but will give you a smoother silhouette. The material is very light, but a tad heavier than pantyhose.

In August, I celebrated my 30th birthday in NYC. While on this trip, I decided to try out my new Skimmies under a skirt. I spent the day exploring the city in my new Skimmies. The material is so smooth that it wears very comfortably.  It also prevents panty lines. I love my Skimmies. Now, I wear them all the time with skirts and dresses. You could even wear them under pants for a smoother silhouette.

Skimmies are made by Jockey and cost around $20. I bought mine at Kohl’s, but you can also find them at Macy’s and even on QVC (2 for $35). Skimmies are Rachel Zoe Preferred & now they are also Bonjour Chica Preferred!



Do you need a new wardrobe for the fall? LOFT has been having a sale since last week where their sale items are an extra 50% off and select full-price items are 50% off. They claim today is the last day of this sale, plus you can also pick up some scoop tees for only $8! If you shop online, their v-neck tees are also on sale for $8!

Here are few things I picked up at LOFT this weekend.


The blue skirt was on sale at my Loft for $49.99 so I go it for an extra 50% off. I am excited about the camel corduroy skirt and plan on wearing it with tights as soon as it gets cooler here in Texas. I loved the look of the black sweater, it’s actually looks much nicer in person. It looks kind of casual in the picture but in reality it’s much dressier. I love cardigans, so I was excited to pick these up for half off their sales price to add to my wardrobe. All these pieces are on sale, so you get an extra 50% off!

I love Loft! It’s one of the few places I can find true petite sizes. Plus, they are always having a sale. I am a Loft Insider, which means I get their e-mails alerting me to all their sales. And sometimes, they are sales just for Loft Insiders! Right now if you sign up to be a Loft Insider, you will get entered to win a trip to lovely PARIS! And you know the saying….“PARIS is always a good idea.”  Now, I will warn you that you will receive e-mails almost daily, so you might become a shopaholic if you aren’t already one.

Sparkly top

Petite Sweaters | Loft

Loft did not pay me for this article, they have no idea who I am. I just love their sales 🙂

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