Do you need a new wardrobe for the fall? LOFT has been having a sale since last week where their sale items are an extra 50% off and select full-price items are 50% off. They claim today is the last day of this sale, plus you can also pick up some scoop tees for only $8! If you shop online, their v-neck tees are also on sale for $8!

Here are few things I picked up at LOFT this weekend.


The blue skirt was on sale at my Loft for $49.99 so I go it for an extra 50% off. I am excited about the camel corduroy skirt and plan on wearing it with tights as soon as it gets cooler here in Texas. I loved the look of the black sweater, it’s actually looks much nicer in person. It looks kind of casual in the picture but in reality it’s much dressier. I love cardigans, so I was excited to pick these up for half off their sales price to add to my wardrobe. All these pieces are on sale, so you get an extra 50% off!

I love Loft! It’s one of the few places I can find true petite sizes. Plus, they are always having a sale. I am a Loft Insider, which means I get their e-mails alerting me to all their sales. And sometimes, they are sales just for Loft Insiders! Right now if you sign up to be a Loft Insider, you will get entered to win a trip to lovely PARIS! And you know the saying….“PARIS is always a good idea.”  Now, I will warn you that you will receive e-mails almost daily, so you might become a shopaholic if you aren’t already one.

Sparkly top

Petite Sweaters | Loft

Loft did not pay me for this article, they have no idea who I am. I just love their sales 🙂

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