How to Dress Like a Mademoiselle

Dress Like a Mademoiselle

Earlier this year, in May, I had the opportunity to travel to Europe for a family reunion. We rented a car and drove through France, into Spain and back to France. We spent two weeks in Europe, and probably stayed at a different hotel every night, except for at the end of the trip when we were in Paris. I really need to organize my pictures and blog about it. We saw so much & so many interesting places.

Today  though, I wanted to share with you my observations as to how women dressed in France. Particularly in Paris. While in Paris, the majority of the women I saw, looked very stylish. I saw them throughout Paris-the streets, the metro, at dinner, at work, coming home, leaving home, at the local grocery store, etc. We actually stayed at someone’s apartment really close to the Eiffel Tower.  I could see the Eiffel Tower from our bedroom window, it looked gorgeous at night.

The Parisian women I saw, all had this sophisticated,classy look to them. I noticed the majority wore mostly neutral colors: black, grey, taupe, some white and some burgundy/wine colors. A lot of just black (skirt, dress, pants & top) with a taupe scarf, black peacoat, tights and a black handbag. A few here and there wore burgundy (dresses & skirts) with black tights. It was still pretty cool in France, so you still saw a lot of peacoats and scarfs. Once in a while you would see a pop of color, mostly in the scarfs. I think I remember seeing someone with a mustard scarf. And the clothing didn’t necessarily look like it was expensive, but because of how they put their outfit together with neutral colors they achieved an elegant look. Make-up & jewelry was minimal, they had this very natural beauty look to them. Very ooh la la indeed!

In Spain, I don’t remember seeing as many neutral colors in women’s clothing but they looked very fashionable. We went to San Sebastián, and it might have just been the location, but a lot of the families were well-dressed.

If you ever feel like you don’t have anything to wear, why not go for the Mademoiselle look. It’s super easy to put together for an instant stylish look. The great thing about the Parisian look is that you don’t have to spend tons of money! Most of the pieces pictured above are $50 or less. And you can find these pieces at Target, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx, Forever 21, H&M…all pretty affordable.

Some people might find wearing neutral colors boring but I like to think of them as timeless & chic. After all, who doesn’t look good in black?

For a Parisian look:


Cowl neck tee


Apt. 9 pants

Pure Good ribbed tight

Pure Good tight

ASOS tight

Zara pumps

Forever 21 flat

John Lewis scarve
$32 –

Ellis – JustFab

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