Vera Bradley Fall Fashion Picks

Bonjour Monday!

How was everyone’s weekend? This would have been a perfect weekend for a quick getaway! Our 1st grader had both Friday & today off from school. Last year, we traveled to Estes Park, Colorado and had a great time visiting the Rocky Mountains. This year however that was not possible 😦 Both our little ones play soccer and this weekend was also picture day.

The good thing about not going away this weekend was that I was able to attend the Vera Bradley+InStyle Fall Fashion Event hosted by Kileen from Cute&Little. She is another petite blogger in the DFW area. It was so nice to meet another blogger that not only lives in the area, but also shares some of the same struggles as I do- finding clothing that fits!

This was my first time inside of a Vera Bradley store! I’ve walked right past it so many times but have never been inside. Honestly, I am not a huge fan of florals, I am more of a solid colors type of girl. That being said, when I was pregnant with my now-3 year old, my mother-in-law gave me a lovely hot pink Vera Bradley tote filled with baby clothes, diapers, washcloths and other goodies. She gave it to me at my baby shower. I would have used it as a diaper bag but I just felt like it was too big for my frame. I mainly use it as an “overnight” bag for my little girl for when she spends the night at grandmas.

My little girl, Audrey, owns a pretty pink flower headband (my mother-in-law also bought it for her). She loves to wear it with her school uniform. Audrey went with me to the fall fashion event and she enjoyed the music &  the mini bundt cake. We browsed the hair accessories & picked up a bow headband to add to her collection (#4).

I was really surprised by what all Vera Bradley carries. They sell more than just purses and headbands. They carry scarves, stationery,  college & dorm stuff, fashion & tech accessories, sunglasses, and much more! And their totes & handbags come in different sizes & prints. My favorite print is Ribbons (# 2 tote in Ribbons). Ribbons is their Breast Cancer Awareness color, perfect for this month!

Check out my Vera Bradley Top Picks (Christmas is right around the corner):

Vera Bradley Fall Picks


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