Mini Salted Caramel Apple Pies & Pan Dulce (Conchas)

Mini Salted Caramel Pies

Whenever I need ideas for what to wear or eat, I go to Pinterest. I no longer go to Google.  Pinterest is just so much easier to use. You get all of these beautiful images of both fashion & food (my favorites).

One of my resolutions for this year (well pretty much every year) is to try something new. This year, I have really been into baking. I am not a great cook or baker. If I bake, it’s usually cake out of a box, and even that is rare. Since I am not great at baking, I’ve always been afraid of trying to bake something more complicated. However, I just could not resist some of these delicious-looking treats on Pinterest. So what if it’s a disaster, at least I tried, right?

Recently, I pinned these salted caramel apple handmade pies by Just A Taste. My son loves apple pie so I though these would be a perfect treat for him. As you can see, the ingredients are pretty basic. And with Just A Taste’s step-by-step instructions, it was pretty easy to make. I will tell you, it was a bit time-consuming. Cutting up the apples into tiny bits & the caramel took longer than I thought it would. Also, the dough was really wet and I had to continuously add flour to it. I am not a great roller, so I probably didn’t roll it as well as it needed to be but in the end they came out just fine. My son & daughter loved them! They were prefect for their little hands too!

Here is a picture of my mini salted caramel apple pies:

Seeing as how today through tomorrow is Dia de Los Muertos (Day of the Dead), MuyBuenCookBook has a great recipe for Conchas (sweet bread). I tried out their recipe a few weeks ago and they were so easy to make! I had always thought you could only get conchas at the bakery.  Even my mom was surprised when I told her I had made pan dulce at home. Here is how mine turned out:

Conchas or pan dulce (sweet bread)-recipe from MuyBuenoCookBook

Conchas or pan dulce (sweet bread)-recipe from MuyBuenoCookBook

So if you have some time this weekend and are craving something sweet–both these recipes are easy to make and delicious! Give them a try!

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