How Long Does Makeup Last? Does it Expire?

Makeup: When to Toss Out

I have to admit I am guilty of keeping makeup around for longer than I should. I probably have tons of makeup I should throw out. At least I am no longer wearing it! Expired makeup can cause styes, conjunctivitis, and blemishes. If you haven’t gone through your makeup in a while, this might be a good time to go through it and toss out all expired beauty products.

Beauty products applied around the eyes have the shortest shelf life. Mascara and liquid eyeliner should be replaced at 3 months. Pencil eyeliner will last you a little longer as long as you sharpen regularly. Once you see it has developed a white film, it’s time to stop using it. And even though powder eyeshadow should last as long as other powder beauty products, it does have a higher risk of contamination. Eyeshadow comes in contact more often with the mucous membrane, which could cause a transfer of bacteria back to the product and then back to your eyes.

Make sure you are storing your makeup in a dry place. The bathroom sink might not be the best place to store makeup since it’s a moist environment which could cause bacteria to breed.

If your makeup starts changing colors or has a funny smell to it, it’s probably time to throw it out. Next time you buy makeup, it might be a good idea to label it with the date (Month/Year) you opened it so it will be easier for you to tell when a beauty product has become expired.

I for one, will start buying smaller tubes of mascara since it expires so quickly and it’s not something I wear every day.


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