Talkative Tuesday: Fashion, Beauty, and New Friends

This past Sunday, I spent all day at the Simply Stylist Fashion & Beauty conference in Dallas. I wanted to share with you a few pictures I took with my iPhone. I should have taken my “professional” camera with me but I just did not want to have to carry it around.

The Simply Stylist conference in Dallas was even more of an exciting experience than I had imagined. I got to meet a lot of awesome people! There were all kinds of women (and a few fashionable men) at this event. From bloggers, to those who want to start a blog, to those who just started a business in fashion/beauty, and some were just fashion & beauty enthusiast.

Catt Sadler from E! hosted the panel and I was even able to meet her. The panel was very informative and inspiring. Everyone was so friendly and approachable. Sarah Boyd, the founder of Simply Stylist, stopped by our table at brunch and chatted with us for a bit. The fashion bloggers giving the breakout sessions were just as friendly. I met Liliana Vazquez from Cheap Chica’s in the bathroom! She is actually trés petite. I tried not to stare at her every time I came across her, it’s just very rare for me to see other petite young women. Liliana was the speaker for one of the breakout sessions and she also had a table at the event selling her book The Cheap Chica’s Guide to Style. Her book can be described as a financial advice book + Confessions of a Shopaholic–should be a fun read!

As much as I learned from the panelist, I just wish it had been a bit more diverse. They all seemed to agree on everything, which didn’t make sense to me. Just because pastel looks great on all of them, does not mean it will on everyone. Not that we talked about pastels, but you know what I mean.

At the end of the day, I was even more motivated to continue with my blogging. I started this blog after all because I had a hard time finding blogs that reviewed fashion & beauty products that would be a good fit for me. And I know I am not the only one that has this problem. I met a group of women who flew in from San Antonio, who discussed how even though they just love some blogs, realistically the products in some blogs (clothing & beauty) just does not work for them. We all come in different size, shapes, colors, and ages after all……yet the fashion & beauty industry continues to lean towards only ONE size, shape, color and age.

I am feeling really motivated to share with you even more of my unique experiences with clothing & beauty products. And if any of you would like to share your own “favorites” as a guest blogger–I would love that!


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