The Burgundy Lip Experiment

Not only is burgundy a fashion trend this fall, but it’s also a beauty trend. Just take a look at December’s cover of InStyle (2013). It’s the girl on fire herself, Jennifer Lawrence wearing a shade of ….yes burgundy!

Can everyone rock this color? Well, that’s what a couple of my friends and I wanted to find out. So we went on a hunt for burgundy lip colors.

Meet Diana, she wanted to find the perfect burgundy lip color for women of color.


Diana doesn’t typically wear lipstick, she is more of a lip gloss type of girl. However, she was unable to find any lip glosses in a burgundy shade so she decided to buy a few inexpensive lipsticks to try out.

Revlon Goldpearl Plum ($6)

Diana found this lip color to be a total fail, as it was a very light color. It did not even come close to burgundy. Nice color but not what she was looking for.

NYC Sheer Red ($1-2)

This lip color was slightly better than Plum, however it had too much of a red-base to it.

Wet & Wild Dark Wine ($1)

This ended up being Diana’s favorite of the three as it was the closest to burgundy. It is lighter than what she expected, but nonetheless a burgundy shade. This would be a great color for those who only want a hint of burgundy.

Diana’s advice to women of color looking for a burgundy lipstick is “don’t be fooled by the store lighting & don’t be scared of the darker burgundy colors.”


So did my friend Linda and I have a better experience? Linda actually went to Sephora to try out burgundy lip colors. She tried a total of 3 but one was not photographed because it was just too red. I tried two different burgundy shades myself.

Urban Decay Shame ($22)

This lip color looked burgundy but on Linda’s lips it looks a bit lighter with more of a red-base. Not what we expected from just looking at the lip color.

Marc Jacobs Saboteur ($30)

This one was better and seemed to have more of a brown-base to it. Again, just as with Shame, the lip color was way darker than it came out. It’s a lovely color for those who are looking for a brown-based burgundy.

Mary Kay Merlot ($15)

I actually love this color! It looks pretty good on my olive skin tone. As I told you in my Mary Kay creme lipsticks post, I was very surprised by this lip color. I had expected it to clash with my skin tone. Again, just like Saboteur, this lip color has a brown-base.

Rimmel London Bordeaux ($5)

This one is a burgundy with a red-base. In this case, the lip color is slightly darker than you see in the picture. I had a hard time photographing myself in this color. It looks a bit more red than it actually is.

What did we learn in our quest to find a burgundy lip color we would love?

I was really surprised by how hard it was to even find a burgundy lip color to try. A lot of them looked too red or way too purple. And as you can see from our pictures, even those that looked like a dark burgundy came out much lighter. If you are looking for a burgundy lip color, try out a few at the makeup counter. Or if you find yourself at Wal-Mart or Target, try to pick the darkest “burgundy” ones that won’t cost you more than a few dollars.

How do you feel about this beauty trend? Do you have a go-to burgundy lip color we should try out?


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