How to Use Asian Face Sheet Masks

Love More Face Mask

Whenever my skin is looking dull, I reach for an Asian face sheet mask. There are so many brands & types of Asian facial sheet masks. The masks are made of cloth material which are soaked in different nutrients for the skin, depending on the purpose of the mask. For example, you can find masks for hydration, whitening, anti-aging, firming, revitalizing skin, to prevent dark circles, to restore elasticity & so on. They are cut out to fit your face, although I always find them to be a little large for my face.

Recently, I was at a local Asian market and found myself in the cosmetics section. I love trying out international products so naturally I had to check out what they had. The majority of the masks included the “whitening” component. They were all so interesting: cactus mask, bird’s nest mask, early grey tea mask, broccoli mask & many more! You’ll be surprised by the selection of sheet masks.

Now that I am in my 30’s, I am all about taking care of my skin, so Love More’s Black Caviar face mask caught my eye. The purpose of this mask is to prevent wrinkles and to keep your skin firm. This one did not mention “whitening.” I’ve tried the mask out a few times and to be honest it’s hard to tell if it’s preventing wrinkles. I guess you have to use it long-term to be able to tell. However, I do notice a glow that lasts a couple of days after I use it. So that’s always nice.

Even though the mask is called Black Caviar, it had a pleasant smell to it. You can’t even tell it has caviar extract. The packaging is adorable, it looks like a postcard from France. You can use it 2-3x a week, but I have only been using it about once a week. My box only had 7 masks so it can get a bit expensive if you were to use them 3x a week. I think I remember paying about $10 for the box of 7. They also carry single packets, which were a little over $1. If you don’t want to commit to an entire box, you always have the option of just purchasing a single sheet mask.

Besides Love More in Black Caviar, I have also used My Beauty Diary in Pearl Powder. So far, I’ve had a positive experience with both brands. I just have to warn my husband before I put one on since you can look quite scary! And although your face might feel weird with the leftover serum, just make sure to pat it into your skin. You can even rub the excess onto your neck and hands. It will absorb into your skin pretty quickly.

If you have a local Asian market where you live, check out their cosmetics section for these face sheets mask. If not, there are several websites where you can find Love More, My Beauty Diary & other Asian brands.

Asian Face Sheet Masks/Sasa & NattaCosme


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