Riding Boots for Petite Women

Riding Boots for Petite Women

I feel so left out around this time of year. Everywhere you look you see women wearing tall boots. I am usually at a loss as to what shoes to wear in this cold weather. I don’t wear tennis shoes, so that only leaves me with flats & heels (sometimes booties). Needless to say my feet can get pretty cold. So I’ve been on a search for riding boots for years. At only 4’11”, it’s been pretty hard to find boots that don’t take half of me. Tall women can easily wear knee-high riding boots since they still have plenty of “body”left. Not me, I need every inch…

I went on a search this past weekend and surprisingly I found a few boots that weren’t too tall. If you are petite like myself, you are going to want a riding boot with less than a 16″ shaft height. Most of the riding boots are 16″+. The boots you see above are all 11″-13.75” shaft height. Depending on how petite you are, they should fit you slightly to several inches below your knees.

Besides the women’s shoe department, you might also want to check out the children’s shoe department. They actually have some really cute riding boots (without hearts & glitter). And they are way cheaper than women’s sizes. I ended up buying a pair of Kenneth Cole riding boots in a big kids size for only $50! They are the ones you see above with the buckles (4th boot on bottom row). I am a women’s 6.5 and a big kids 4.5-5 shoe size. If you have small feet, you might be able to get away with buying riding boots from the children’s shoe department.

Even though the selection is not huge, as you can see there are a few riding boots with a shaft height of less than 16″ for us petite women. And after all these years of searching, I will take something over nothing 🙂

Born Sage Vintage Boots (Tan & Black: 12.75″ shaft height)/Dillard’s $160
Bottom Row:
Madden Girl Boots with Buckle (13″ shaft height)/Macy’s $60
Style & Co. Boots in Cognac (11″ shaft height): Macy’s $75
Born Lottie Riding Boots (13.75″ shaft height): Dillard’s $190
Kenneth Cole Girls Riding Boots/ Dillard’s $50
Nina Girls Suzette Boot/Dillard’s $40

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