Statement Jewelry for Any Outfit

Statement Jewelry

Besides shoes and purses, I am also addicted to jewelry. I am particularly fond of statement jewelry. You can be wearing jeans & a tee, add a statement necklace or fancy earrings and you instantly look elegant.

I wanted to get my mom some earrings so I decided to check J.C.Penney’s out (I had a $10 off $25 coupon). It’s been what seems like ages since I’ve shopped there. They had a lot of beautiful earrings and necklaces that would make perfects gifts (for yourself or someone else). The best thing is that most of their fashion jewelry is currently on sale (30-40% off).

Of course I was so tempted to get a few pieces for myself! FYI…I want all of the statement jewelry on this post. I was good on my shopping trip and didn’t buy myself anything (but I might go back for the emerald earrings…and maybe the collar necklace). I did find some gorgeous red earrings for my mamá in her favorite color (red) for only $13! Shhh…don’t tell her she’s getting earrings…

Definitively stop by J.C.Penney’s if you are looking for jewelry either for yourself (NYE is coming up) or as a gift for a loved one. Don’t miss out on their sale!



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