How to Wear Heels Pain-Free!! {Comfy Tape}


What shoes do you usually wear to parties? If you are like most women, you probably go for a stunning (but uncomfortable) pair of high heels. After all, pain is beauty, right? What if I told you, you can wear stylish shoes this holiday season without any of the pain?! You can, with Comfy Tape.

Comfy Tape is a silicone gel strip that you place over the area where the discomfort is felt. It’s placed directly onto the skin, not inside your shoe. Unlike other pain relief products, Comfy Tape is super comfortable. You can’t even feel it all!

I have a pair of wedge booties that fit perfectly on one foot, but on the other they are quite uncomfortable. Usually by the end of the day (or more like mid-day) that foot would be in so much pain from the rubbing of the boot up against it. However, with the use of Comfy Tape, I can now wear them all day pain-free! I couldn’t even feel the Comfy Tape! I am so happy I found this product 🙂

Of course Comfy Tape is not just for women or just for high heels. It’s for anyone, for any type of shoe. You can buy Comfy Tape online, or from one of their retail partners ($10 for pack of 8). It looks like they currently are not sold at major stores but hopefully they do soon.

Here is a video that demonstrates how to use Comfy Tape:


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