What’s Your Holiday Style?


According to River Island’s holiday style quiz, I am a Trendy Traditional kind of girl. I think that sounds pretty accurate (except I don’t think I could wear plaid pants). Find out what your style is by taking this short & fun quiz!

River Island is a UK High Street fashion retailer. They unfortunately do not have any stores in the States, but they do offer international shipping (up to 8 days shipping time to United States). Currently, shipping is free if your order is over $35.

I was browsing their website and this dress caught my eye:

Black & white collared shift dress (River Island $70)

Black & white collared shift dress (River Island $70)

Duchess Catherine first wore Topshop’s Peter Pan collared shift dress when she was pregnant. If you weren’t able to snag the original, but love the prim look of a collared shift dress, then check out Rivers Island’s version. The Duchess paired hers with black tights & suede black heels. You know how some dresses pair better with heels— I think this one would look just as modish with flats.



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