Camel Corduroy Skirt + Stripes

corduroy skirt

I bought this camel corduroy skirt last fall at Loft. Honestly, I bought it because they were out of the other camel skirts they had (not corduroy). And at the time, I really wanted a skirt in this color, so I went ahead and bought this one. I had been putting off wearing it because I wasn’t sure how to wear it. I couldn’t remember if I had anything in mind when I bought it either.

I finally wore the corduroy skirt earlier this week. I paired it with a Mossimo striped shirt (that I bought at Target on sale for $7), black tights & black scarf. I was going to wear it with my wedge booties but since the skirt was a tad longer than expected, I chose the black heels. I also was kind of in a hurry and they were easier to slip on than my booties.

I think the color combination worked. Although, I am not sure I will be buying anymore corduroy skirts in the future. For one, apparently they are a fashion no-no, which I didn’t know. Also, the skirt was a bit big….like there was too much fabric. It fit around the waist, but on the sides and back it felt too big. It was a petite-sized skirt and I’ve bought other skirts from Loft without having this problem. It might just be the fabric…oh well.

How do you feel about corduroy skirts?


Travel The World Tag


I saw this on LifeChangesii (Brittany’s blog) and thought this would be so much fun! So let’s get to it.


1. Where are you from in the world?

By birth-Mexico, but I grew up in the great state of Texas 🙂

2. Have you been overseas? When/Where?

Yes! I have been to Italy, France & España. In 2009, I traveled overseas for the first time to Rome. One of my favorite movies was Roman Holiday, so I wanted to see some of the same sights from the movie. During that trip, we also took side trips to Venice & Paris. Last year, I had the opportunity to go back to Paris for a family reunion. This time we drove through France and even got to see some of Spain, which I talked about in a previous post.

3. Do you prefer summer or winter? Why?

Summer, I hate the cold! I don’t know why but I feel the prettiest in summer. In the winter, I just have no motivation when it comes to fashion & beauty.

4. Summer or winter fashion?

Summer fashion because I get to wear skirts and dresses (and as unfashionable as they might be on occasion…flip flops).

5. Where is somewhere you would love to travel to?

Where do I not want to travel to? I really want to go to Hawaii….it looks so relaxing and beautiful. It’s funny because it wasn’t until I saw Forgetting Sarah Marshall that I started wanting to go to Hawaii. Prior to that I wasn’t very interested in it. Maybe it’s because I am older and I just want to go somewhere where I could forget about everything and unwind while sipping on some cocktails.

6. Name your essential makeup items for the beach…

ChapStick®! I don’t really do makeup. And at the beach wouldn’t you want to go for a natural look?

7. Are you currently saving up for a trip?

Yes and no. I don’t have any huge trips planned. Just a few small ones. As for saving, I am not shopping as much…does that count?

8. Do you like/dislike traveling?

Love it! I wish I could do it more often.

9. Name a place in the world you would love to shop.

Paris…at places like Chanel and other chic boutiques throughout the city. I have to play the lottery more often so that I can afford that kind of shopping trip.

10. What accent in the world is your favorite to hear?

When I was in college, I watched a reality show called Outback Jack…so if I had to choose it would have to be the Australian accent. Although, I really love all accents.

Don’t forget to check out LifeChangesii to see what her answers were.

Now it’s your turn—comment so I can tag you!

Petite Fashionista à la Mode: Andrea


Dallas, TX • Attorney at The Chavarria Law Firm• Height: 5’3″

Wearing: CK Weather Jacket, CK Blouse, DKNY Skinny Jeans, and Ecco Sculptured Lace Booties.

Inside My Closet: Travel

I’m not a t-shirt and tennis shoes type of person, so when I travel I like to dress in style. The difficult part is finding something that’s stylish yet comfortable. I wore this particular outfit on a tour of Pompeii. It was perfect! The jacket was wind resistant and warm, but not stuffy. The sleeves on the jacket are too long due to my height. My solution: roll my sleeves up. I was hesitant about wearing booties on a walking tour, but I’m glad I wore them. I walked around all day and I did not get tired at all. When I took my booties off at the end of the day, my feet felt great. My feet did not have that throbbing pain from walking around all day. I absolutely love Ecco!

Where I Like to Shop

For work attire, I usually shop at Neiman Marcus online. Because I’m 5’3,” I have trouble finding a pantsuit that fits me. The pants are always too long or too short, so I don’t even bother. Instead, I wear high-waisted pencil skirts and sheath dresses. On weekends, I usually wear skinny jeans. I buy regular-sized cropped jeans. They’re cropped for regular-sized people but fit me like regular pants should fit.

Andrea @


petitefashionistas1Petite Fashionistas à la Mode is a series to show the world (& the fashion industry) women come in more than one size. If you are petite (5’4″ and under) then consider participating by sending an e-mail to

Shoe Organization Hack {Media Cabinet Redo}

A few months ago, we came upon this old media cabinet the neighbors were getting rid of. We picked it up with nothing much in mind. My husband painted it and we kind of forgot about it. That is until this weekend.

Like most girls, I have more shoes than I think I do. When I see a shoe sale, I never think, “oh I already have too many.” Instead I think “I must have them!” But unfortunately, I seemed to have run out of room for them in my closet and slowly I was just leaving them in the bedroom on the floor. Needless to say, it was starting to look kind of messy.

I looked around on Pinterest for some creative ways to organize my shoes, when ding ding the bell went off. I remembered the old media cabinet and wondered if that would work. And here you have it:

Shoe organizer hack

Shoe organizer hack

Media Cabinet Redo: Shoe Organizer

Media Cabinet Redo: Shoe Organizer

The top section has some of my flats and a few of my kitten heels, while the bottom has my high-heels. For now, the media cabinet works perfectly as a shoe organizer. I might leave it like this or use the top section to hold jewelry or makeup. I could also use the top section for clutches instead of my shoes. Ah the possibilities!

Now, I need to seriously go through the shoes in the closet and throw out the old ones I never wear to make room for… ones?!

So what do you think?


Fashion & Beauty Finds {Top 5 Favorites}

My Favorites for the Week

Just like any other girl, here I am coveting even more things this week. My current favorites are these 5 lovely things.

I have been wanting a camel sweater for months! And I have yet to find one that both fits me and is the right color. I saw a few sweaters last month that came in petite but I just did not like the shade (too light). I really really like this camel sweater, however it doesn’t come in petite. Usually, I would just buy it, even if it fits a little long, but in this case I want one that fits me right. So the search continues.

When am I not lusting after shoes? Right now, I am really liking both these blue pumps & the sparkly ones. The blue ones, I could see myself wearing with a skirt or even jeans. The sparkly pumps are so glam! They could easily dress up any outfit. And honestly, I haven’t bought any “fun” shoes in a while. Maybe it’s time I bought something other than black pumps.

Chanel lip colour…don’t know which color but suddenly I want one. Although, I hate having to stop at the makeup counter. I really don’t like people watching me as I try to make a choice. Oh well, I’ll have to stop and look at their lip colors sometime this year…..

Finally, Pei Design on Etsy has the most adorable stationery and prints. I seriously want to buy every single thing from this shop! I fell in love with this Parisian print. It is totally my style.

So there you have it, my current favorites….what about you, what are you lusting after?

Camel Sweater/Nordstrom{$85}
Ink Blue Bow Pumps/Nordstrom{$100}
Parisian Art Print/Pei Design {$22}
Carra Pumps/Nordstrom{$135}
Chanel Lip Colour/Nordstrom{$34}

Casual Winter Outfit

Yesterday, I took a couple of spontaneous photos (selfies?) of one of my favorite casual “winter” looks. By winter, I mean when it’s pretty chilly in Texas. When I took these photos, it was actually not that bad. It ended up warming up into the 60’s.

As you can see, I am wearing a tweed skirt, leggings (fleeced-lined), black top, wedge booties, and a scarf. This is my go-to outfit combo for when I have any events to attend on chilly days. It’s simple to put together, comfortable, and it keeps me warm. Here for example, I am at a builder’s luncheon previewing their model for a new community. I was checking out the master closet when I took the pictures. That’s why you see an empty closet. Not because I don’t have any clothes. Although on some days, I feel like my closet might as well look like this because I can’t find anything to wear! I guess we all feel like that every now and then.

So if it’s cold outside and you have no idea what to wear, just follow this formula: skirt+warm leggings+nice top+cute boots+scarf=ta-da you are ready! Oh and I like to add a pop of color. I bought this shocking (blinding?) pink crossbody at J.Crew a couple of years ago.

Do you have any go-to outfits for the winter?


Petite Fashionista à la Mode: Brittany


Northern VA • Blogger at LifeChangesii • Height: 5’0″


“I love being petite.”

Inside My Closet: Work

I am an elementary school teacher and this is a typical outfit that I would wear to work. I think it’s professional enough to wear to parent-teacher conferences, as well as casual enough to wear on the weekends. The scarf is from Kohls Department store. I love wearing infinity scarves because I find they are not too big on my frame. This scarf is my favorite because you can mix and match the pants or the shirt to create completely different looks.

The cardigan(s) is from the Gap. I do not have to shop in the petite section for shirts, so this was found in their clearance section for $9.99. A steal!

My shoes (6 1/2) are from Zara. I am very particular about my shoes. I never wear shoes with heels, pointed, thick soles, or shoes that I think make my feet look too long. These nude flats are perfect. In my opinion, petite women should stick with dainty classic shoes.

And I saved the best for last-PANTS. I have the hardest time finding pants…especially…drum roll please…dress pants. No surprise, right? These pants (4/6) are actually from Target (Mossimo Skinny Fit). My Target does not have a petite section. I can always find these in the Juniors area. I have these pants in a variety of colors. They fit my waist and leg length perfectly. If I ever find a pair that are too long, I tuck them under. I have seen some petite women who cuff their pants. I think this shortens the leg even more and makes you look stubby. Tucking them under gives you a clean straight look. And in my opinion, it can even add one teeny tiny inch to your legs.

Where I Like to Shop

I shop at the Gap, J.Crew, and Target. I have never been to a tailor and I have never purchased petite pants. I find that I can never go wrong with finding ankle pants at these three places. I did have the opportunity to try on a pair of petite pants from Gap that were purchased online & returned to the store, they did not fit my waist or thighs. The length was not the best either. Try shopping at Gap & J. Crew and ask for ankle pants. My tip for shopping at Target would be finding the Skinny Fit or Regular Fit pants and skip the Bootcut.

Brittany @


Petite Fashionistas à la Mode is a series to show the world (& the fashion industry) women come in more than one size. If you are petite (5’4″ and under) then consider participating by sending an e-mail to

Denim & Stripes

How was everyone’s weekend? I spent just a tiny bit of my weekend shopping. A lot of stores were having sales. You can still find some good sales today at Gap (vary by store) & Loft (40% of full-price including new arrivals & 60% of sales prices).

Take a look at what I bought at Loft & Gap. shopping for petites

Two-in-One Shirt/Loft ($59.50) 40% off with GET40
Chambray Shirt/Loft ($54.50) 40% off with GET40
Animal Print Pencil Skirt/Loft ($49.99) Extra 60% off no code needed!
Striped Cowlneck Top/Gap ($19.99)

I’ve actually been wanting a chambray shirt for a while but was hesitant to buy one. Mostly because I feel like I tend to look squarish in button up shirts. But since I saw they were in petite sizes at Loft, I went ahead and bought it. I previously had only seen them at other stores and they were too long. I really like the look of the two-in-one, it has kind of  a Parisian look to it. I am attracted to striped shirts, I can’t help it. It’s part of the reason I bought the cowlneck top. Plus, whenever I see cowlneck tops, I always think of Holy Golightly. Online the cowlneck is prized at $19.99 but I found it at my local Gap for only $13 with an extra 30% off. So you might find better sales prices at stores than online. And finally, I bought the animal print skirt because I had been eyeing it for a while now, and I was lucky I noticed it in the sales section. They only had one and it was in my size, so it was mean to be.

I would have done a little more shopping but for one reason or another, these are the things I didn’t buy but wanted to. shopping2

Mixed Moto Jacket/Fossil ($298)
Petite Dot Chambray Shirt/Loft ($59.50) 40% off with GET40
Polka Dot Dress/Fossil ($138)
Mix-stripe Skirt/Gap ($19.99)

The Loft store I went to did not have this petite dot chambray shirt in the petite section. I would probably have picked it up as well, had they had it. There are a few other Loft stores in my area, so I might buy it later on (especially if it goes on sale). I really like the striped skirt at Gap, and it only was $6 with an extra 30% off! The only sizes I saw were S & M. I tried both of them on, and they were too big. The S was a bit loose, which I didn’t have a huge problem with but you know it wouldn’t look good. I actually did go to a second Gap in my area, because come on that’s such a great price for a Gap skirt, but no luck finding a smaller size. And Fossil, why no petites? I can’t tell you how many times I have walked in and coveted many items but bought none because they don’t carry petite sizes. Honestly, the dress might have fit, but I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to try it on. Had they had it in a petite size, I would just have grabbed it and bought it. I really liked this moto jacket but the sleeves would be too long for me.

As you can see, my theme for the weekend was denim & stripes. Now onto my next mission, finding a new pair of nude-colored flats…..any suggestions?

More Than a Pretty Face {Audrey}


I’ve mentioned before what a huge fan I am of Audrey Hepburn. So much that I even named my daughter, Audrey. Most of my friends are well aware of this, as well. I was recently surprised by how so many (people in general) are unaware of what a great person she truly was. She was more than just a pretty face.

One of my sorority sisters from college, just last weekend told me how she had just learned all about Audrey by watching a recent PBS special. My sorority sister was one of those who thought I only liked Audrey Hepburn because she was pretty. I can’t remember how old I was when I first watched Roman Holiday (maybe a preteen), but soon after I started reading book after book on her. I really came to admire her and to the realization that there’s very few or any like her nowadays. Yes she was pretty and stylish, and you can be a fan of her style alone….but I want to remember & admire her for all that she was.

After my daughter was born, I bought her a book on Audrey Hepburn. She’s only three now, but someday she’ll learn all about the inspirational woman she shares a name with. Plus, she also shares her middle name with her grand-mère, who she adores. Audrey Chantal.


My sorority sister now has a deeper understanding of Audrey Hepburn & why I am such a fan. So if the only thing you know about Audrey Hepburn is Breakfast at Tiffany’s, I recommend you watch this documentary:


Picture Source: The Meta Picture

I Got Sparkled!

sparkle out loud

Notice anything different? I got sparkled!!!

J’adore my new lovely header! It was designed by Sparkle Out Loud. Brianna the creator of everything beautiful on Sparkle Out Loud sent me several designs from which to choose (after discussing what look I was going after). And let me tell you they were all stunning! I had quite a hard time choosing. I kind of wanted them all. I was surprised by how quick and easy the whole process was. Brianna is not only creative but she’s super nice!

Brianna offers starter & full packages, social media packages, as well as à la carte. Her work is high-quality and the prices are great! Make sure to check out her other designs.

If you are starting a blog or just ready for a change in design, definitively get sparkled!

Connect with Sparkle Out Loud: