Chanel’s Gigantic Pearl Necklace

Spring-Summer Fashion Accessory- Huge Pearls

How should you accessorize your spring & summer outfits? If you are a fan of Chanel, then pearls are a must-have accessory. And not just any pearl…..but huge over-sized pearls. I have already started to notice the massive pearl necklace on magazine covers. Keira Knightley by Alexi Lubomirski for Harper’s Bazaar UK showcases Chanel’s jumbo earphone pearl necklace (February 2014 ). There are a few other magazine covers that I have noticed featuring this particular necklace, as well. Harper’s Bazaar Romania is also full of Chanel, not titanic-sized pearls, but plenty of them nonetheless (Serena by Oltin Dogaru, Jan-Feb. 2014).

So what do you make of the colossal pearl necklace? I find it quite futuristic looking. Honestly, I don’t think they are for me. Unlike Keira, I would look ridiculous wearing such gigantic pearls. But I am loving the strands of pearls on Serena.

Chanel’s Spring-Summer 2014 Collection will be available in boutiques in March. I was unable to find any gigantic pearl necklaces similar to Chanel’s. Actually, I did find one but it was sold out. Closer to spring, we will see if there will be more replicas available for those who can’t afford the real thing. For now, here are a few Chanel-inspired jewelry pieces I found on Etsy.

Chanel Inspired Jewelry

1. Hexagon Accessories, Loco for Coco ($25)

2. HM by Semra Ascioglu, Ivory Pearl Necklace ($68)

3. Germany Wenzhong, Limited Byzantine Necklace ($29)

4. Germany Wenzhong, Noble Pearl Necklace ($23)

5. Take Yours, Stone Brooch ($12)

UPDATE: You can also now find a replica of Chanel’s Pearl Earphone Necklace exclusively online at Anthropologie!


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