Denim & Stripes

How was everyone’s weekend? I spent just a tiny bit of my weekend shopping. A lot of stores were having sales. You can still find some good sales today at Gap (vary by store) & Loft (40% of full-price including new arrivals & 60% of sales prices).

Take a look at what I bought at Loft & Gap. shopping for petites

Two-in-One Shirt/Loft ($59.50) 40% off with GET40
Chambray Shirt/Loft ($54.50) 40% off with GET40
Animal Print Pencil Skirt/Loft ($49.99) Extra 60% off no code needed!
Striped Cowlneck Top/Gap ($19.99)

I’ve actually been wanting a chambray shirt for a while but was hesitant to buy one. Mostly because I feel like I tend to look squarish in button up shirts. But since I saw they were in petite sizes at Loft, I went ahead and bought it. I previously had only seen them at other stores and they were too long. I really like the look of the two-in-one, it has kind of  a Parisian look to it. I am attracted to striped shirts, I can’t help it. It’s part of the reason I bought the cowlneck top. Plus, whenever I see cowlneck tops, I always think of Holy Golightly. Online the cowlneck is prized at $19.99 but I found it at my local Gap for only $13 with an extra 30% off. So you might find better sales prices at stores than online. And finally, I bought the animal print skirt because I had been eyeing it for a while now, and I was lucky I noticed it in the sales section. They only had one and it was in my size, so it was mean to be.

I would have done a little more shopping but for one reason or another, these are the things I didn’t buy but wanted to. shopping2

Mixed Moto Jacket/Fossil ($298)
Petite Dot Chambray Shirt/Loft ($59.50) 40% off with GET40
Polka Dot Dress/Fossil ($138)
Mix-stripe Skirt/Gap ($19.99)

The Loft store I went to did not have this petite dot chambray shirt in the petite section. I would probably have picked it up as well, had they had it. There are a few other Loft stores in my area, so I might buy it later on (especially if it goes on sale). I really like the striped skirt at Gap, and it only was $6 with an extra 30% off! The only sizes I saw were S & M. I tried both of them on, and they were too big. The S was a bit loose, which I didn’t have a huge problem with but you know it wouldn’t look good. I actually did go to a second Gap in my area, because come on that’s such a great price for a Gap skirt, but no luck finding a smaller size. And Fossil, why no petites? I can’t tell you how many times I have walked in and coveted many items but bought none because they don’t carry petite sizes. Honestly, the dress might have fit, but I was in a hurry and didn’t have time to try it on. Had they had it in a petite size, I would just have grabbed it and bought it. I really liked this moto jacket but the sleeves would be too long for me.

As you can see, my theme for the weekend was denim & stripes. Now onto my next mission, finding a new pair of nude-colored flats…..any suggestions?


2 thoughts on “Denim & Stripes

  1. Great discounts. I used to always shop in Loft but the petites section at my store is so small. I just never really find anything in there that I like. Have you tried Target for flats? I remember they had some in there at one time.

    • I have bought flats at Target before but they are either too wide or really tough feeling, if that makes sense-stiff too stiff. There’s several Loft’s in my area, some I know have a small selection of petites. But the one closest to my house has a big section.

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