Casual Winter Outfit

Yesterday, I took a couple of spontaneous photos (selfies?) of one of my favorite casual “winter” looks. By winter, I mean when it’s pretty chilly in Texas. When I took these photos, it was actually not that bad. It ended up warming up into the 60’s.

As you can see, I am wearing a tweed skirt, leggings (fleeced-lined), black top, wedge booties, and a scarf. This is my go-to outfit combo for when I have any events to attend on chilly days. It’s simple to put together, comfortable, and it keeps me warm. Here for example, I am at a builder’s luncheon previewing their model for a new community. I was checking out the master closet when I took the pictures. That’s why you see an empty closet. Not because I don’t have any clothes. Although on some days, I feel like my closet might as well look like this because I can’t find anything to wear! I guess we all feel like that every now and then.

So if it’s cold outside and you have no idea what to wear, just follow this formula: skirt+warm leggings+nice top+cute boots+scarf=ta-da you are ready! Oh and I like to add a pop of color. I bought this shocking (blinding?) pink crossbody at J.Crew a couple of years ago.

Do you have any go-to outfits for the winter?



11 thoughts on “Casual Winter Outfit

  1. You took the easy way out with just taking phone pics in the mirror. Why didn’t I think of that. HA! But that is a cute outfit. In the winter I basically wear jeans or pants with leggings under them and sweaters. Nothing too different than my spring clothing.

    • Thanks! Lol, yes luckily that was not one of those days, but every week there is a day I feel like I have an empty closet. Or nothing fits the way I want it to….ah the joys of being a women 🙂

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