Fashion & Beauty Finds {Top 5 Favorites}

My Favorites for the Week

Just like any other girl, here I am coveting even more things this week. My current favorites are these 5 lovely things.

I have been wanting a camel sweater for months! And I have yet to find one that both fits me and is the right color. I saw a few sweaters last month that came in petite but I just did not like the shade (too light). I really really like this camel sweater, however it doesn’t come in petite. Usually, I would just buy it, even if it fits a little long, but in this case I want one that fits me right. So the search continues.

When am I not lusting after shoes? Right now, I am really liking both these blue pumps & the sparkly ones. The blue ones, I could see myself wearing with a skirt or even jeans. The sparkly pumps are so glam! They could easily dress up any outfit. And honestly, I haven’t bought any “fun” shoes in a while. Maybe it’s time I bought something other than black pumps.

Chanel lip colour…don’t know which color but suddenly I want one. Although, I hate having to stop at the makeup counter. I really don’t like people watching me as I try to make a choice. Oh well, I’ll have to stop and look at their lip colors sometime this year…..

Finally, Pei Design on Etsy has the most adorable stationery and prints. I seriously want to buy every single thing from this shop! I fell in love with this Parisian print. It is totally my style.

So there you have it, my current favorites….what about you, what are you lusting after?

Camel Sweater/Nordstrom{$85}
Ink Blue Bow Pumps/Nordstrom{$100}
Parisian Art Print/Pei Design {$22}
Carra Pumps/Nordstrom{$135}
Chanel Lip Colour/Nordstrom{$34}

6 thoughts on “Fashion & Beauty Finds {Top 5 Favorites}

  1. Oooh I love the sparkly heels – so pretty! 😀
    It’s so annoying when you can see the exact piece of clothing you want in your head but can’t find it in the shops. Hope you find a camel sweater soon! 🙂

    Jess xo

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