Shoe Organization Hack {Media Cabinet Redo}

A few months ago, we came upon this old media cabinet the neighbors were getting rid of. We picked it up with nothing much in mind. My husband painted it and we kind of forgot about it. That is until this weekend.

Like most girls, I have more shoes than I think I do. When I see a shoe sale, I never think, “oh I already have too many.” Instead I think “I must have them!” But unfortunately, I seemed to have run out of room for them in my closet and slowly I was just leaving them in the bedroom on the floor. Needless to say, it was starting to look kind of messy.

I looked around on Pinterest for some creative ways to organize my shoes, when ding ding the bell went off. I remembered the old media cabinet and wondered if that would work. And here you have it:

Shoe organizer hack

Shoe organizer hack

Media Cabinet Redo: Shoe Organizer

Media Cabinet Redo: Shoe Organizer

The top section has some of my flats and a few of my kitten heels, while the bottom has my high-heels. For now, the media cabinet works perfectly as a shoe organizer. I might leave it like this or use the top section to hold jewelry or makeup. I could also use the top section for clutches instead of my shoes. Ah the possibilities!

Now, I need to seriously go through the shoes in the closet and throw out the old ones I never wear to make room for… ones?!

So what do you think?



12 thoughts on “Shoe Organization Hack {Media Cabinet Redo}

  1. My shoes are all in a nice animal print basket. But they are all piled in there. No organization. I just have to dig through to find what I need. All messy. But I love what you did. Its cute.

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