Petite Fashionista à la Mode: Andrea


Dallas, TX • Attorney at The Chavarria Law Firm• Height: 5’3″

Wearing: CK Weather Jacket, CK Blouse, DKNY Skinny Jeans, and Ecco Sculptured Lace Booties.

Inside My Closet: Travel

I’m not a t-shirt and tennis shoes type of person, so when I travel I like to dress in style. The difficult part is finding something that’s stylish yet comfortable. I wore this particular outfit on a tour of Pompeii. It was perfect! The jacket was wind resistant and warm, but not stuffy. The sleeves on the jacket are too long due to my height. My solution: roll my sleeves up. I was hesitant about wearing booties on a walking tour, but I’m glad I wore them. I walked around all day and I did not get tired at all. When I took my booties off at the end of the day, my feet felt great. My feet did not have that throbbing pain from walking around all day. I absolutely love Ecco!

Where I Like to Shop

For work attire, I usually shop at Neiman Marcus online. Because I’m 5’3,” I have trouble finding a pantsuit that fits me. The pants are always too long or too short, so I don’t even bother. Instead, I wear high-waisted pencil skirts and sheath dresses. On weekends, I usually wear skinny jeans. I buy regular-sized cropped jeans. They’re cropped for regular-sized people but fit me like regular pants should fit.

Andrea @


petitefashionistas1Petite Fashionistas à la Mode is a series to show the world (& the fashion industry) women come in more than one size. If you are petite (5’4″ and under) then consider participating by sending an e-mail to


8 thoughts on “Petite Fashionista à la Mode: Andrea

  1. Hello, i just found your blog and it is very inspiring for me. I recently moved to california and i am a petite girl (4’11”)and i have no idea where to find clothes that fits me. I am from peru and girls there are shorter than here so it wasnt a big deal for me and also tayloring your clothing is very cheap there..not like here at all. I have problems with everything. I have a thin torso but big boobs for my size so usually kids tops dont fit me. I also have short legs but not skinny and also i have some curves back kids section pants dont fit me either. Shoes..specially boots! Thats a nightmare for me..i cant find any that has the right lenght. And about booties ..i feel they make my legs looks shorter and thicker. So if you have some advice about where to look for clothes and what kind of shoes should i wear that would be perfect!
    And a last boyfriend is 6’00”..i need to look taller but i need comfort too.

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