Camel Corduroy Skirt + Stripes

corduroy skirt

I bought this camel corduroy skirt last fall at Loft. Honestly, I bought it because they were out of the other camel skirts they had (not corduroy). And at the time, I really wanted a skirt in this color, so I went ahead and bought this one. I had been putting off wearing it because I wasn’t sure how to wear it. I couldn’t remember if I had anything in mind when I bought it either.

I finally wore the corduroy skirt earlier this week. I paired it with a Mossimo striped shirt (that I bought at Target on sale for $7), black tights & black scarf. I was going to wear it with my wedge booties but since the skirt was a tad longer than expected, I chose the black heels. I also was kind of in a hurry and they were easier to slip on than my booties.

I think the color combination worked. Although, I am not sure I will be buying anymore corduroy skirts in the future. For one, apparently they are a fashion no-no, which I didn’t know. Also, the skirt was a bit big….like there was too much fabric. It fit around the waist, but on the sides and back it felt too big. It was a petite-sized skirt and I’ve bought other skirts from Loft without having this problem. It might just be the fabric…oh well.

How do you feel about corduroy skirts?


12 thoughts on “Camel Corduroy Skirt + Stripes

  1. I think it is cute. I’m not really a skirt or dress girl but I have a lot of corduroy pants. I had a skirt like this years ago but I never knew how to wear it.

  2. I think it’s really cute. Why are corduroy skirts a fashion no-no? I’ve never heard that and seen them at a lot of stores, I have two of them that I wear once in a while and with the right outfit it looks cute…maybe I’m totally out of it though! haha

    • I read that many fashion experts consider it a fashion blunder, it didn’t really say why. Only that if you are going to try it, then go for a-line skirt, pencil skirt, straight & narrow skirts. I am guessing because depending on the cut, it might be too boxy? I am not sure, I also had no idea. But I did notice when I looked on pinterest for ideas there were hardly any corduroy skirts.

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