Miami Petite Fashion Week Networking Event 2014

Are you petite & in the Miami area? Then you definitively will not want to miss out on the first edition of Petite Fashion Week in beautiful Miami!


You know what the best part of Petite Fashion Week is? It’s all free! So come out and enjoy the fashion, prizes & networking! To RSVP for Petite Fashion Week in Miami just click here.

Make sure to check out all of the Petite Fashion Week sponsors. Petite Fashion Week UK/US Partners can be found here.

Petite Fashion Week Partners in U.S.A.

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To RSVP for Dallas Petite Fashion Week click here.


Books You Should Read: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?


As much as I love reading, I am surprised by how very few books I have shared with you. And I can’t believe that I didn’t read a book in January. Mostly it was due to not knowing what to read. That’s the hardest for me, deciding on what to read next. Unless, I have book suggestions from friends. And either I have a lot of suggestions or I have none. I really wanted to find a book to read while Audrey was in her ballet class. So last week while at Target, I noticed Mindy Kaling’s book and thought this should be entertaining.

I loved Mindy Kaling as Kelly Kapoor on The Office. I thought she was the funniest character on there. She always made me laugh, so I was quite sad when she didn’t appear as much towards the end of The Office. However, now I have The Mindy Project! I am so looking forward  to it coming back on April 1st! This show makes me want to work at a fun office like hers, or work with someone like her. She’s so smart, funny, & so into fashion.

If you want a lighthearted, funny book with random advice then this your book. This is just a little excerpt from her book, just in the first few pages.

“However, you should know I disagree with a lot of traditional advice. For instance, they say the best revenge is living well. I say it’s acid in the face–who will love them now?”

Which by the way, I was laughing out loud, literally lol’ing. The other parents probably thought something was wrong with me. I have to agree with her on her thoughts on revenge though, not that I am advocating violence. Especially not throwing acid in someones face. But come on just living well? Maybe just go a little “Brandi Glanville” on them and at least slash the tires? No?

So the book in a nutshell: Mindy tells you a little about her life from childhood to where she is now, with random thoughts here and there. For example, she shares her karaoke etiquette and best friend rights & responsibilities. There is even bit of romance.

I really enjoyed this book and looking forward to read her next one. I feel like I know her after reading her book. Like I could just call her up and say, “hey Mindy, let’s go have lunch.” So Mindy, no it’s the opposite…everyone wants to hangout with you!

Oh and for those of you who loved Kelly Kapoor as much I did, here you go:

Bright Fashion

 While I was out at the mall this past weekend, a neon yellow skirt caught my eye. There was a time that I was not a huge fan of bright colors. But now, I am almost always attracted to them. I have a bright pink neon sweater that I absolutely adore, but feel like I blind people with it!

I didn’t buy the skirt since I was in a hurry, but I do want to add this color to my spring/summer wardrobe. These are a few looks I found on Polyvore that will serve as an inspiration. It’s such a bright color but it’s all in the way you style it and these ladies sure make it look pretty fashionable.

Most of these looks are all pretty similar: neon+black. Except for the one that styled it with the camel-colored leather skirt. Blue would also combine nicely with neon yellow.

If you are afraid of blinding someone with such a bright color, you could always go for just a dash of color with a pair of neon pumps. I’ve been eying these neon yellow pumps for a couple of years, maybe this is the year I finally buy them.

How do you feel about neon yellow? Do you have any items in your closet in this bright fashionable color?


Neon Skirt/J.Crew $98; Charlotte Russe $12

Neon Pumps/DSW $25

Neon Handbag/Merona at Target $23

Neon Top/Banana Republic $55; Banana Republic $25

Petite Fashionista à la Mode: Kristina


Iloilo City, Philippines• Blogger at Women on Fire Club• Height: 4’11” kristinapf1

About My Blog

Is it a sin to say fashion is my religion? Sounds shallow but I enjoy working in this material world where I dress up seeing fashion as an art form. In our blog,, we feature career women who are truly fashion lovers for the belief that this industry empowers women, no matter how it can pressure others about their appearances and budgets. That’s why our action is “empowering women through fashion.” Think high heels and makeup for a start.

My Style

Simple, short, and sexy–that’s how I keep my wardrobe interesting. Although there’s a risk of looking inappropriate sometimes but as long as I look and feel chic then there’s nothing that could stop me from wearing my own style. Being a single mom, I could be quite busy yet for me it is never an excuse to let myself go, like not taking care of my appearance. It is true that when you like what you see in the mirror, you’d feel better. It’s not vanity but learning to appreciate what you have. And with what I have, I am inspired to dress up. My closet includes feminine high-waist dresses, one-piece outfits, eye-catching tops, denim skirts, dressy shorts, and no jeans. Why do I always keep it short? I love my legs and it’s always a pleasure to flaunt them most.

My Outfits

I shop in downtown bazaars where I can buy almost everything. I’m not into brands but uniqueness. It’s terrible to see somebody in the same shirt you bought at the mall.


I’m a fan of vertical stripes, just like what I’m wearing in this photo. It’s simply because they can make any girl look taller.


The second outfit reveals not only my thigh-gapped legs, but my simplest look. Just a plain black top and neutral short shorts. For this type of ensemble, I’d usually wear roman sandals but when my mood calls for it, heels are my main choice.

Who isn’t a fan of the little black dress? One way to upgrade this classic frock is to put on a great jacket over it. Thanks to my cousin, I’ve been enjoying this lovely neutral-hued blazer for as long as I can remember (top photo).

Fashion Secrets?

I believe that it really is no secret that every woman can be fashionable if she just wears what she likes, what she looks best in, and what suits her body shape. We all have the right to dress up or down and emphasize the features we love.

My Beauty Secret

It’s no secret either. Enough sleep, sun, and Cetaphil is good enough for me but I believe in what Paulina Porizkova said, “Sex and Water and Estée Lauder.”

Encouraging Words for Petites

Being petite is just about size. It is the woman in you that shines.

My Favorite Quote

Power is being told you are not loved and not being affected by it.-Madonna

Where I Like to Shop

To get more unique pieces, I shop at downtown boutiques and bazaars for dresses & shoes, and Korean stores for accessories. I like to have my clothes tailored by this nice lady from the ghetto part of the city. She really knows how to turn my designs into wonderful, wearable clothes.



petitefashionistas1Petite Fashionistas à la Mode is a series to show the world (& the fashion industry) women come in more than one size. If you are petite (5’4″ and under) then consider participating by sending an e-mail to

Cèline Dupes for Less

Designer Dupes
Cèline Dupes {Daily Look :$70}

If I won the lottery, one of the first designer bags I would go out and buy would be a Cèline luggage tote. It has such a classic look to it. I think you would instantly look très chic by just adding a Cèline bag to your look. But if you stare at them long enough, they start to look a little silly…like a robot. Can you see the robot face?

These are all super cheap Cèline dupes. Now obviously, I would prefer the real thing, but one of these will do for now. These dupes look really similar to the real Cèline bags. They are only $70 so don’t expect the quality of the designer brand. But at this price, they are also super popular. Daily Look is currently out of most of the colors except for the black/beige/gray bag (2nd tote in 1st row). They expect to get more in by March 1st in the other colors. There is a wait list, so if you want one of these make sure to get on the wait list. Isn’t that funny, a wait list for a $70 bag?

What do you think of these Cèline dupes? Would you buy one?


Seeing Blue!!

Cobalt Finds

When I was a teen, blue was my favorite color….navy blue that is. Nowadays, I don’t know if I have a favorite color. I use to think it was black, and then I started liking pink, and then I remembered how much I loved blue. So yeah, I guess I don’t really have a favorite color. Although, I will say when I have no idea what to wear, I usually choose classic black. I do need to add more blue pieces to my wardrobe though. If you think about it, you would look just as classy in a little blue dress. Look at the Duchess, she tends to wear this a color a lot. And it looks pretty royal on her 🙂

I really like the cobalt blue, it’s such a pretty blue. I know some people are afraid of wearing bright colors, but cobalt is a pretty safe one to wear. Plus, it’s one of those colors that looks good on all skin tones.

So now I want to know, who is going to buy me this lovely day trip bag? Isn’t it gorgeous?


Michael Kors Watch ($195): Zappos; Cobalt Pants ($98): Banana Republic;
Day Trip Bag ($68): ModCloth; Statement Necklace ($10): Tilly’s;
Duchess Katherine’s dress ($395): L.K. Bennett;  Blue Mini-Dress ($180): The Outnet; Midi Skirt ($22): Asos; Flats ($95): NastyGal


Petite Fashion Week Dallas 2014

Last week, I told you a little about Petite Fashion Week. Today, I have some very exciting news for the petite fashionistas in the DFW. Petite Fashion Week is hosting a networking event on March 14th in the Dallas area!

Here is the official flyer for the Petite Fashion Week Networking Event for Dallas-Fort Worth :


Sheez Petite will be showcasing a few pieces from their petite-focused online boutique. So come network, win prizes, and make news friends!

Petites in Dallas are you Petite & Proud? Get your free tickets for the event on Eventbrite by clicking here—> FREE TICKETS!

Make sure to check out the prize sponsors: Sheez Petite & Advanced Dental Center.

Are you petite and in London? Then get your UK tickets here—>PFW-London

More information to come on the Petite Fashion Week Networking Event in Miami.


Petite Fashionista à la Mode: Dani


Newcastle, UK Blogger at Heavy In the Day Height: 5’3″

DaniDress: Ebay; Boots: Soletrader; Headband: Xtras

About Me

Hi guys! I’m Dani and I’m here today to share my secrets and tips for you small ladies! To introduce myself- I’m petite, size UK 4/6 girl, with boobs and a bum. Meaning, nearly nothing fits me right. I’m extremely disproportional which used to get me down quite a bit, but unfortunately I’ve had to live with it- it’s in my family. I’m actually lucky to be one of the tallest in my family. Can you imagine the size of the rest of us?! Exactly!

Now, on to my actual reasoning for agreeing to do this post: I’m an art & design student, and regularly work with textiles. As a petite girl, I’ve picked up a few tricks that I’d love to share with anyone else out there that struggles with getting the perfect fit. I’ve included 2 pictures that include my latest “project.” I bought this smock dress after lusting after one, but being short on cash I decided to pick one up from eBay. The sizing was S/M which would be a little off-putting for a lot of you right? A lot of us like to stick with our normal size, whether it be a size 6 or size 16. But I’m here to tell you what you can do if you’re in a sticky situation- where you buy something on a whim and feel like an absolute idiot because it simply doesn’t fit and you’ve wasted money. Firstly- I’d say purchase a sewing machine- you can get them for under £50 ($80) nowadays that have just the basic functionality and aren’t hard to figure out at all. I’ve got a tiny baby pink one that I got for Christmas one year that’s from John Lewis. If you don’t want to splash out, simply buy a small sewing kit.

Alteration Tips: Taking Clothes In

To take clothes in, simply put the garment on, grab the sides under the armpit and fold them over to fit the clothes to your body. If you’re taking in trousers or a skirt, do the same and pinch the fabric at the back of the waistband. Pin them in place- it would probably be better if someone was to help you out with this but it is achievable on your own! Once they’re pinned, start stitching the fold down to the garment. A sewing machine will give a smoother stitch, but a hand stitch will do the job just fine.

Alteration Tips: Adjusting the Length

Being petite means nearly everything you buy will be too long! To adjust the length, simply put the garment on and measure how much you want off, and leave about an inch of material longer than the length you want it. When you’ve decided, cut off the excess material. Once you’ve done that, fold over the edge and pin it into place. This will be the hem! The folded material should be about an inch long and should be folded into the inside of the garment. Sew the hem into place by stitching all the way around the bottom of the garment, near the top of the folded edge. And that’s it!

Alterations: Some More Ideas!

Petite FashionistaDress: Ebay; Boots: Soletrader; Shorts:Primark; Bag: UO; Hat: RiverIsland

As you can see from my pictures, before I hemmed my dress it was too long for my liking, so I simply tied a knot in it to style it. This is just one of many ways to wear a long garment! You could also cut some material off the garment and leave it unhemmed for a more “vintage” or “rugged” look. For long jeans, simply turn them into turn ups- or even cut them into shorts and leave them unhemmed or try out my tips for hemming above.

Encouraging Words for Petites

My words of encouragement for petite ladies would be to not be put off if something doesn’t fit. If you like something- buy it! It can most definitively be altered in some way for cheap, and if you’d prefer to go to a tailor, it’s probably not that expensive!

Where I Like to Shop

If you are looking for specifically Petite ranges, I love Topshop and it’s really good that some of the clothes are available in sizes as small as size 4. As my tops are usually size 6/8 because of my boobs- I find their range is good for still fitting quite nicely onto my stomach. People forget that some people are naturally very thin like me- and it’s very hard to find something that actually fits me snug. Other than that, I don’t really specifically look at Petite ranges but my favorite places to shop are H&M, Primark, and River Island.

Dani @

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Petite Fashionistas à la Mode is a series to show the world (& the fashion industry) women come in more than one size. If you are petite (5’4″ and under) then consider participating by sending an e-mail to

Long Hairstyles: Chic Pigtails

holly golightly pigtails

A few years ago, I cut my hair super short (accidentally). Or more like the hair stylist went a little scissor-crazy and cut too much off. I’ve been trying to grow it out ever since. Anyways, whenever my hair was really short all I could think of was of hairstyles I wanted to try, but I couldn’t because my hair was way too short. Of course, when my hair was long I couldn’t think of anything to do with it.

My favorite hairstyle for long hair is Holly Golightly’s chic pigtails. I even found this video that shows you how to easily get chic pigtails. I have tried it and it works! Except, my hair needs a few more inches for it to look good. So I will continue to wait for it to grow. But if you have long hair and don’t know what to do, you should try putting it in pigtails à la Holly Golightly.


Do Something New: Lunch for One?

Happy Day!

I bet you are wondering how I did on my “Do Something New” goals for this week. Do you remember what they were?

Try a new healthy recipe

Nope, didn’t get to do this. But…I did try this new healthy muffin…the Karmaffin! It’s gluten-free, no additives or preservatives, it has tons of fresh fruits and veggies. You should really try them out as they are pretty tasty. I got the Orange Cinnamon with Mango muffin at Whole Foods. So this brings me to my next goal….

Have an Almond Milk with Fruit Smoothie or Oatmeal for Breakfast

I failed at this one too, but I had the healthy muffins! So sure I didn’t have a smoothie but I had a healthy breakfast nonetheless, sort of ,because on some days I had coffee with it. It was so cold this week, that a cold smoothie just did not sound good.

Drink 2 of the large Smart bottles of water a day (or that amount in water).

Ok, so to be honest, I didn’t do it every single day. However, I probably did it every other day? I think..

So as you can see, I didn’t do all that great on the goals I set last Friday. That doesn’t mean you can’t do new things spontaneously. I did do something “new” that was out of my comfort zone this week. I had lunch all by myself at a fancy restaurant.

Now, I’ve had lunch by myself before but at places like Chipotle and Chick fil A. This week, I ended up doing lunch all by lonesome because I was looking at venues for the Petite Fashion Week meetup for the Dallas-area. I had been wanting to check out this new place called Mexican Sugar. I had heard of it and as I looked at the reviews on Yelp, I thought this might work. So I took myself out to lunch, which I was kind of nervous about. Of course, I had all those loser thoughts in my head, “what if they think I have no friends.” The hostess didn’t seem to think anything of it when I told her it was just me. And I think that made me feel even more comfortable and I was fine by the time we got to the table.

If you are ever in the Dallas area, or if you live in Dallas, you just simply must try Mexican Sugar at the Shops of Legacy in Plano. The place is very impressive. They call the style, “sultry Mexican comfort.” It’s really really nice and they have a Tequila bar! They use local ingredients and make their cocktails in small batches since their juices are freshly squeezed. Yum, I am getting hungry just thinking about it! I had their spicy chicken habanero tacos and they were delicious! You could tell the tortillas were homemade or at least they tasted like they were. I have to go back for drinks soon, since I was not able to enjoy one that day. The place didn’t end up working out for my meetup because Mexican Sugar  is so popular and the only time they could reserve the tables was too early.

My yummy lunch at Mexican Sugar (I love the glass they served my soft drink in…so fancy)

So for next week, I think my goals will be the same, because I did so horrible on them. I need to continue to improve. Hopefully, I have better results this coming week, because being healthy is important!

Have a great weekend!!

dosomethingDid you do something new this week? Or do you have “new” plans for next week? Then link up with LifeChangesii for Do Something New!