Bonjour Lund! *Rosegal*

Bonjour Monday!!

How was everyone’s weekend? I went to a basketball game (go Texas Legends!), looked at puppies (fell in love with a Pomeranian), ate too much, and watched the “big game” or at least the commercials. So that pretty much sums up my weekend. It’s been pretty chilly in Dallas lately. I am so ready for it to get warmer and stay that way.

If you like vintage clothing & free shipping you might want to check out Rosegal. I had never heard of this fashion company but apparently it was started by a group of friends. They offer clothes in both vintage and modern styles. They also carry plus sizes. And they offer free shipping worldwide. Their prices are pretty reasonable as well. It kind of reminded me of ModCloth except they seemed to have a larger collection of clothes.

Seriously, after finding out about Rosegal through Josephine Nychole’s blog, I spent all weekend obsessing over their clothes.

Here are a few of my favorite finds.

One of these lovely pieces can be yours, just enter Josephine Nychole’s Rosegal giveaway. You can win one of her favorite pieces or one of your choosing (has to be less than $30).

Has anyone shopped at Rosegal before?



4 thoughts on “Bonjour Lund! *Rosegal*

  1. I’m not really into vintage clothing but I know a few people who are. Thanks for the link. That black and white skirt is super cute!

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