Throwback Thursday {NYC 2007}


Today, I wanted to share with you this photo of myself from Feb. 2007. My husband and I traveled to NYC to celebrate his birthday that year. It was super cold! I remember stopping at H&M and buying another smaller jacket to wear underneath because I was freezing. We kept running into Starbucks for coffee and to stay warm.

We stayed at a really cheap hotel near Bryant Park. I think it was the Americana Inn. The rooms were tiny, but we were out all day that it didn’t really matter.

I loved just walking down the streets watching New Yorkers go about their day. I remember thinking as I was walking past Bryant Park, that the people in NYC were so fashionable. Later, on my flight back, I realized it was fashion week. That explained why I had seen all these super fashionable people around Bryant Park. I remember Britney Spears was also in NYC  (this was when she was a bit unstable) and she had been spotted at a Rite Aid.

During this trip we did  a lot of touristy things. We had dinner (hubby’s birthday) at Carmine’s, visited the top of the Rock, went down to Little Italy & Chinatown, and of course enjoyed a hot dog. This is not something you see every day living in Dallas, hot dog carts lining the streets. Although, when I was a student at the University of North Texas, we did have one or two hot dog stands on campus. Which was great because I could grab a pretty cheap lunch in between classes. Plus, they had a variety to choose from. I wonder if they still have them.

All this reminiscing makes me want to go back to NYC (and to UNT). I was able to go back last year to celebrate my 30th birthday (thankfully it was in the summer=warmer weather), which I told you about in a previous post. I really want to go back this year with girlfriends. I think NYC would make for a fun girl’s trip!



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