Do Something New

It’s finally Friday! Viernes Feliz! It’s linkup day with LifeChangesii for Do Something New.

Here is what I did new last week…

One of the things I enjoy doing, once in a while, is trying new recipes. Last week, I saw a recipe on my twitter feed that caught my eye. It was @maggieunz ‘s recipe for fishless ceviche. I don’t eat fish, so I have never been able to eat ceviche even though it looks yummy. Maggie’s recipe is super easy, but most importantly it’s delicious! It’s basically pico with cauliflower. It was so addicting, I couldn’t stop eating it! I don’t even know if I have ever eaten cauliflower before. I am so glad I tried this new recipe because now I can eat “ceviche.” Make sure to check out In Mama Maggie’s Kitchen for the recipe, because you do have to let the cauliflower soak in the lime before eating and she gives you all the instructions for a great tasting fishless ceviche.

cevichevegLast weekend, I also went to my very first basketball game! I know can you believe it. I just have never really been into basketball. A few weeks ago, we got free tickets for a basketball game and so we decided to go. It was to see the Texas Legends (NBA Development League) play. And I have to tell you, I really really enjoyed the game! I’ve been to baseball games before where all I did was chat with whoever I went with and didn’t even pay attention to the game. But this basketball game was exciting and I wouldn’t mind going again. So now I just need someone to give me free tickets to see the Mavericks play.

This coming week, I guess starting today, these are my “Do Something New” goals:

  • Try another healthy recipe
  • Have an almond milk with fruit smoothie or oatmeal for breakfast… instead of coffee
  • Drink 2 of the big Smart bottles of water a day (or that amount of water a day).

We will see if I can do this. The one I am worried about is the breakfast one, as I have a hard time getting up on cold days and I really feel like I need something warm like coffee….


Do you have any new goals for next week? Then linkup with LifeChangesii  for Do Something New.


8 thoughts on “Do Something New

  1. Aww! Thanks so much for linking up. I’m so happy! I know what you mean about getting up in the cold, I hate it. I always just want something quick and easy. Especially for dinner. I hate getting in and out of my heating blanket to check on food. Would rather it be something super easy.

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