Do Something New: Lunch for One?

Happy Day!

I bet you are wondering how I did on my “Do Something New” goals for this week. Do you remember what they were?

Try a new healthy recipe

Nope, didn’t get to do this. But…I did try this new healthy muffin…the Karmaffin! It’s gluten-free, no additives or preservatives, it has tons of fresh fruits and veggies. You should really try them out as they are pretty tasty. I got the Orange Cinnamon with Mango muffin at Whole Foods. So this brings me to my next goal….

Have an Almond Milk with Fruit Smoothie or Oatmeal for Breakfast

I failed at this one too, but I had the healthy muffins! So sure I didn’t have a smoothie but I had a healthy breakfast nonetheless, sort of ,because on some days I had coffee with it. It was so cold this week, that a cold smoothie just did not sound good.

Drink 2 of the large Smart bottles of water a day (or that amount in water).

Ok, so to be honest, I didn’t do it every single day. However, I probably did it every other day? I think..

So as you can see, I didn’t do all that great on the goals I set last Friday. That doesn’t mean you can’t do new things spontaneously. I did do something “new” that was out of my comfort zone this week. I had lunch all by myself at a fancy restaurant.

Now, I’ve had lunch by myself before but at places like Chipotle and Chick fil A. This week, I ended up doing lunch all by lonesome because I was looking at venues for the Petite Fashion Week meetup for the Dallas-area. I had been wanting to check out this new place called Mexican Sugar. I had heard of it and as I looked at the reviews on Yelp, I thought this might work. So I took myself out to lunch, which I was kind of nervous about. Of course, I had all those loser thoughts in my head, “what if they think I have no friends.” The hostess didn’t seem to think anything of it when I told her it was just me. And I think that made me feel even more comfortable and I was fine by the time we got to the table.

If you are ever in the Dallas area, or if you live in Dallas, you just simply must try Mexican Sugar at the Shops of Legacy in Plano. The place is very impressive. They call the style, “sultry Mexican comfort.” It’s really really nice and they have a Tequila bar! They use local ingredients and make their cocktails in small batches since their juices are freshly squeezed. Yum, I am getting hungry just thinking about it! I had their spicy chicken habanero tacos and they were delicious! You could tell the tortillas were homemade or at least they tasted like they were. I have to go back for drinks soon, since I was not able to enjoy one that day. The place didn’t end up working out for my meetup because Mexican Sugar  is so popular and the only time they could reserve the tables was too early.

My yummy lunch at Mexican Sugar (I love the glass they served my soft drink in…so fancy)

So for next week, I think my goals will be the same, because I did so horrible on them. I need to continue to improve. Hopefully, I have better results this coming week, because being healthy is important!

Have a great weekend!!

dosomethingDid you do something new this week? Or do you have “new” plans for next week? Then link up with LifeChangesii for Do Something New!


2 thoughts on “Do Something New: Lunch for One?

  1. Its ok if you didn’t meet any of your goals. Its rare that I ever do. I wish more people would join the linkup with us. Looks like you may get featured again next week. Your the only one with me!! But thats ok.

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