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Newcastle, UK Blogger at Heavy In the Day Height: 5’3″

DaniDress: Ebay; Boots: Soletrader; Headband: Xtras

About Me

Hi guys! I’m Dani and I’m here today to share my secrets and tips for you small ladies! To introduce myself- I’m petite, size UK 4/6 girl, with boobs and a bum. Meaning, nearly nothing fits me right. I’m extremely disproportional which used to get me down quite a bit, but unfortunately I’ve had to live with it- it’s in my family. I’m actually lucky to be one of the tallest in my family. Can you imagine the size of the rest of us?! Exactly!

Now, on to my actual reasoning for agreeing to do this post: I’m an art & design student, and regularly work with textiles. As a petite girl, I’ve picked up a few tricks that I’d love to share with anyone else out there that struggles with getting the perfect fit. I’ve included 2 pictures that include my latest “project.” I bought this smock dress after lusting after one, but being short on cash I decided to pick one up from eBay. The sizing was S/M which would be a little off-putting for a lot of you right? A lot of us like to stick with our normal size, whether it be a size 6 or size 16. But I’m here to tell you what you can do if you’re in a sticky situation- where you buy something on a whim and feel like an absolute idiot because it simply doesn’t fit and you’ve wasted money. Firstly- I’d say purchase a sewing machine- you can get them for under £50 ($80) nowadays that have just the basic functionality and aren’t hard to figure out at all. I’ve got a tiny baby pink one that I got for Christmas one year that’s from John Lewis. If you don’t want to splash out, simply buy a small sewing kit.

Alteration Tips: Taking Clothes In

To take clothes in, simply put the garment on, grab the sides under the armpit and fold them over to fit the clothes to your body. If you’re taking in trousers or a skirt, do the same and pinch the fabric at the back of the waistband. Pin them in place- it would probably be better if someone was to help you out with this but it is achievable on your own! Once they’re pinned, start stitching the fold down to the garment. A sewing machine will give a smoother stitch, but a hand stitch will do the job just fine.

Alteration Tips: Adjusting the Length

Being petite means nearly everything you buy will be too long! To adjust the length, simply put the garment on and measure how much you want off, and leave about an inch of material longer than the length you want it. When you’ve decided, cut off the excess material. Once you’ve done that, fold over the edge and pin it into place. This will be the hem! The folded material should be about an inch long and should be folded into the inside of the garment. Sew the hem into place by stitching all the way around the bottom of the garment, near the top of the folded edge. And that’s it!

Alterations: Some More Ideas!

Petite FashionistaDress: Ebay; Boots: Soletrader; Shorts:Primark; Bag: UO; Hat: RiverIsland

As you can see from my pictures, before I hemmed my dress it was too long for my liking, so I simply tied a knot in it to style it. This is just one of many ways to wear a long garment! You could also cut some material off the garment and leave it unhemmed for a more “vintage” or “rugged” look. For long jeans, simply turn them into turn ups- or even cut them into shorts and leave them unhemmed or try out my tips for hemming above.

Encouraging Words for Petites

My words of encouragement for petite ladies would be to not be put off if something doesn’t fit. If you like something- buy it! It can most definitively be altered in some way for cheap, and if you’d prefer to go to a tailor, it’s probably not that expensive!

Where I Like to Shop

If you are looking for specifically Petite ranges, I love Topshop and it’s really good that some of the clothes are available in sizes as small as size 4. As my tops are usually size 6/8 because of my boobs- I find their range is good for still fitting quite nicely onto my stomach. People forget that some people are naturally very thin like me- and it’s very hard to find something that actually fits me snug. Other than that, I don’t really specifically look at Petite ranges but my favorite places to shop are H&M, Primark, and River Island.

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Petite Fashionistas à la Mode is a series to show the world (& the fashion industry) women come in more than one size. If you are petite (5’4″ and under) then consider participating by sending an e-mail to


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