Cèline Dupes for Less

Designer Dupes
Cèline Dupes {Daily Look :$70}

If I won the lottery, one of the first designer bags I would go out and buy would be a Cèline luggage tote. It has such a classic look to it. I think you would instantly look très chic by just adding a Cèline bag to your look. But if you stare at them long enough, they start to look a little silly…like a robot. Can you see the robot face?

These are all super cheap Cèline dupes. Now obviously, I would prefer the real thing, but one of these will do for now. These dupes look really similar to the real Cèline bags. They are only $70 so don’t expect the quality of the designer brand. But at this price, they are also super popular. Daily Look is currently out of most of the colors except for the black/beige/gray bag (2nd tote in 1st row). They expect to get more in by March 1st in the other colors. There is a wait list, so if you want one of these make sure to get on the wait list. Isn’t that funny, a wait list for a $70 bag?

What do you think of these Cèline dupes? Would you buy one?



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