Petite Fashionista à la Mode: Kristina


Iloilo City, Philippines• Blogger at Women on Fire Club• Height: 4’11” kristinapf1

About My Blog

Is it a sin to say fashion is my religion? Sounds shallow but I enjoy working in this material world where I dress up seeing fashion as an art form. In our blog,, we feature career women who are truly fashion lovers for the belief that this industry empowers women, no matter how it can pressure others about their appearances and budgets. That’s why our action is “empowering women through fashion.” Think high heels and makeup for a start.

My Style

Simple, short, and sexy–that’s how I keep my wardrobe interesting. Although there’s a risk of looking inappropriate sometimes but as long as I look and feel chic then there’s nothing that could stop me from wearing my own style. Being a single mom, I could be quite busy yet for me it is never an excuse to let myself go, like not taking care of my appearance. It is true that when you like what you see in the mirror, you’d feel better. It’s not vanity but learning to appreciate what you have. And with what I have, I am inspired to dress up. My closet includes feminine high-waist dresses, one-piece outfits, eye-catching tops, denim skirts, dressy shorts, and no jeans. Why do I always keep it short? I love my legs and it’s always a pleasure to flaunt them most.

My Outfits

I shop in downtown bazaars where I can buy almost everything. I’m not into brands but uniqueness. It’s terrible to see somebody in the same shirt you bought at the mall.


I’m a fan of vertical stripes, just like what I’m wearing in this photo. It’s simply because they can make any girl look taller.


The second outfit reveals not only my thigh-gapped legs, but my simplest look. Just a plain black top and neutral short shorts. For this type of ensemble, I’d usually wear roman sandals but when my mood calls for it, heels are my main choice.

Who isn’t a fan of the little black dress? One way to upgrade this classic frock is to put on a great jacket over it. Thanks to my cousin, I’ve been enjoying this lovely neutral-hued blazer for as long as I can remember (top photo).

Fashion Secrets?

I believe that it really is no secret that every woman can be fashionable if she just wears what she likes, what she looks best in, and what suits her body shape. We all have the right to dress up or down and emphasize the features we love.

My Beauty Secret

It’s no secret either. Enough sleep, sun, and Cetaphil is good enough for me but I believe in what Paulina Porizkova said, “Sex and Water and Estée Lauder.”

Encouraging Words for Petites

Being petite is just about size. It is the woman in you that shines.

My Favorite Quote

Power is being told you are not loved and not being affected by it.-Madonna

Where I Like to Shop

To get more unique pieces, I shop at downtown boutiques and bazaars for dresses & shoes, and Korean stores for accessories. I like to have my clothes tailored by this nice lady from the ghetto part of the city. She really knows how to turn my designs into wonderful, wearable clothes.



petitefashionistas1Petite Fashionistas à la Mode is a series to show the world (& the fashion industry) women come in more than one size. If you are petite (5’4″ and under) then consider participating by sending an e-mail to


2 thoughts on “Petite Fashionista à la Mode: Kristina

    • Yes, I feel like I learn a lot from each of the petite fashionistas. Every one has a different style and view on fashion. As for shorts, yes I think as I get older I tend to wear more skirts in the summer just because I feel like I don’t look right in shorts. But these shorts here are pretty chic!

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