Bright Fashion

 While I was out at the mall this past weekend, a neon yellow skirt caught my eye. There was a time that I was not a huge fan of bright colors. But now, I am almost always attracted to them. I have a bright pink neon sweater that I absolutely adore, but feel like I blind people with it!

I didn’t buy the skirt since I was in a hurry, but I do want to add this color to my spring/summer wardrobe. These are a few looks I found on Polyvore that will serve as an inspiration. It’s such a bright color but it’s all in the way you style it and these ladies sure make it look pretty fashionable.

Most of these looks are all pretty similar: neon+black. Except for the one that styled it with the camel-colored leather skirt. Blue would also combine nicely with neon yellow.

If you are afraid of blinding someone with such a bright color, you could always go for just a dash of color with a pair of neon pumps. I’ve been eying these neon yellow pumps for a couple of years, maybe this is the year I finally buy them.

How do you feel about neon yellow? Do you have any items in your closet in this bright fashionable color?


Neon Skirt/J.Crew $98; Charlotte Russe $12

Neon Pumps/DSW $25

Neon Handbag/Merona at Target $23

Neon Top/Banana Republic $55; Banana Republic $25


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